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Portada - Gaiden

At the end you can only do this ^^ '
I am not satisfied at all but I hope you like it.
Thanks to those who gave me their support  (ˆ◡ˆc)

© Original character by Masashi Kishimoto  c:  
© Art by Sasaki-NH 
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cool que gran portada de boruto el nuevo manga esta genial y asombroso te felicito mucho amiga es un gran trabajo:D:)
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Can we make a petition to replace Ikemoto with Sasaki NH to draw Boruto manga?
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Whats the original one look like?
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Great !! Now this is the real Boruto style :) 
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This looks what could have been, but alas will never be.
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no this is better. new outfits would be understandable after the events of the bolt movie but seeing this is a lot better for some reason
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Sarada! Where are your pants?!
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Sarada: Papa! Leave me alone!

XD is likely what she yells only for Sasuke to use his ninja speed and skills to put on pants for her
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Well he may not be expressive but he is an over protective father who may very well have a daughter complex lol
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You know what the sad thing is? This looks a 1000 times better that the real cover!!! 
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This is really cool ;3 I love this a lot more than the actual poster ;3 You put a lot of detail into this <333
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amazing job can't wait for this but when i saw this poster i was wondering who's the person between the mini lee and naruto i don't think i've seen him in the boruto movie
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This by far looks 100% times better than the original. You made them look exactly how they're supposed to look. You did such a fantastic job! :clap:
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owo thannk's c':
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I agree with the others, yours is so much better!
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Looks a whole lot better than the original,
you fixed Boruto's face and everyone looks good in general.
Looks much, much better than the original god how I wish that won't be the style persistent throughout the new manga.
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mejor que el original
Sasu-Saku-Uchiha's avatar
Better than the original
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Awasome! You should illustrating the Boruto manga instead! ;)
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