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Twilit Snuggles

Luna, you better brush that bedmane before Twilight wakes up.

This is a coloured version of a sketch by :iconsilfoe: Silfoe. It was coloured with her permission. (Original sketch)

I enjoyed colouring this sketch and I think the end result is pretty good. Sketches don't normally translate well to vectors, but this one did. I may colour some more sketches - if I find some I like and Silfoe lets me do so, of course.

Reuse: Reuse and redistribution is subject to whatever terms Silfoe normally applies to her images.

The Princess Luna and Princess Twilight Sparkle characters and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are the property of Lauren Faust and/or Hasbro and/or others.
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Luna Protecting Twilight it’s Very Sweet of Her to be a Good Friend to Twilight She’s is Such an Angel Bless Her! 💙

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I had never considered TwiLuna until I stumbled across :iconsilfoe: AMAZING work (I had been a TwiDash shipper, and occasionally, still entertain such notions). This has so much DAWWWW ... all over it!

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I know right!? A lot of people don't really think about it but it fits perfectly. Twilight loves the stars and space and that's exactly what Luna does. Plus it does have DAWWWW all over it. SO CUTE /)^3^(\
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Who's with me for Twiluna being one of the best ships?
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I ship it ;P also, nice work this is really good!
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So glad you did.

This is so beautiful and sweet. I love Silfoe's Twiluna pieces.

Wonderful work
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Oh.. SO CUTE! 
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Luna gets some special Twilight time!
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Precious TwiLuna...

Good job coloring it, I really like how it ended up!
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Looks adorable. :)
Also great to see you are still active Sigma. 
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You are making things again!
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