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Sparkle Family Photo

By 90Sigma
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This image is my anniversary image: uploaded one year after the first image I posted. It's difficult to name images like this because ponies don't have last names / surnames as human families usually do.

Additional Files: Extended version (includes Nyx, Spike and alicorn Twilight)

The Princess Cadance, Shining Armour, Twilight Sparkle and two background characters and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are the property of Lauren Faust and/or Hasbro and/or others.
Thanks to Skylark-Torch for feedback while I was creating this.
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© 2013 - 2021 90Sigma
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You should add Flurry Heart!
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You know, I sometimes forget how tall Cadence actually is. Since she's an alicorn she's taller than the average pony. So not only is she taller than her in-laws, she's taller than her own husband.
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Needs an update but still very nice!
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Missing flurry heart
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Why do Twilight's parents never age :?
(Not that I have anything wrong with that... They just seem immortal).
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They are sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
clubpenguin1's avatar
se very awesome :)
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were is skyla?
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She doesn't exist yet.
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that shining armor stole my soul and my sleep tonight
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Nice family portrait. Funny that both the kids wound up bigger than the parents, but then, that happens in real life. (And I'd go with Twilight Family 'cause it's the only name that repeats. Also, G1 has Twilight and G3 has Twilight Twinkle, making Twilight the name that sorta follows them around. With that and the Apple Family, I wonder if ponies don't just have last name first.)
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It seems to be missing a Stallion, I wonder who it is?
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:iconpinkiepieplz: :iconsaysplz: Just a hunch ! ^^

Because I know.
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Just... Stare at Shining Armor 

:iconshiningarmorplz: : I have special eyes.
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What a Beautiful Family!
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I bet her parents must proud as heck!
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Wait....Shining Armor Sparkle!
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Aww where's spike
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