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Princess Luna's Gala Dress

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Published: July 15, 2012
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I think Luna looks very pretty in this dress. I'm really happy with the final result - I hope you like it too!

I've seen a few ponies have a gala dress fan-designed for them. But I don't remember seeing any for Luna. The dress design is loosely based off Twilight's, because I like the Zero-style collar that Twilight's dress has. It seemed to fit for Luna. Of course, the real challange is trying to design something that isn't just covered in stars and moons (I failed, but she still has less stars than Twilight). Trying to draw a dress around Luna's wing was also tricky. Originally, I drew something like Cadance's dress but later settled for a design like Fluttershy's.

How can Luna wear a bow with her magical 'flowing' mane? In Luna Eclipsed, Pipsqueak apparently tugs on Luna's mane. (It happens off-screen.) That indicates to me her mane can be manipulated physically. While Pipsqueak is holding onto it, Luna's mane stops 'flowing'. Alternatively: She's an immortal alicorn. She can do whatever she likes! :) If she wants to thread it so there's lots of little bows, she's going to do it! (Hmm... a new hairstyle every day!)

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XxPrincessluna2007XxProfessional Digital Artist
My mane flows ALL THE TIME...... I tug it to stop it flowing in case if I have to style it up a bit
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All of my YES!  I could say so much about this dress, but I don't think I could cover it all.
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Luna could put anything on and make it look beautiful. 
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FudgeyCaramelHobbyist General Artist
So pretty!!!
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coolgurlartsHobbyist General Artist
i love that white and gold dress!
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KioskOfSquidsStudent General Artist
The hair though, Its actually canon that her hair can be physically manipulated, because Spike tugs on it during "Do princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?"
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I what to see this in a episode 🎶🍦🎮🌑
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xAjelandroxHobbyist Filmographer
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SupernovaisabronyHobbyist Digital Artist
So pretty :D
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TotallyDeviantLisaHobbyist General Artist
So pretty! :3
TheDayFullOfDeath's avatar
Yay! :D

I wish I could art! D:
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Cat2womanHobbyist Digital Artist
dont give up trrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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FluttermoonHobbyist Artist
Awesome! I love it!
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charreddragonchi Traditional Artist
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FelicityForNow743Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ruling with kin sombra, i hope
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unicornsmileProfessional Artist
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks beautiful!
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Snaysme-NiogkyStudent General Artist
Wow!! impressive is muy beautiful Princess I like :squee:
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RaZorX360Professional Filmographer
Luna marry me (kissing)
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AWESOME!! can i have a copy of the image pls!!!! :)
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Cat2womanHobbyist Digital Artist
luna be best 
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