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Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle Flying

By 90Sigma
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Ponies only version of Twilit Flight, which you can reuse if you want to.

Additional Files: Full scene. An SVG file is available here: Princess Luna (Resources).
Reuse: You are not allowed to reuse this image for the purpose of converting Luna and/or Twilight to any original character (OC). Aside from that, you are free to reuse this image, in whole or in part, and make any edits you wish. You are not allowed to reuse anything I do for commercial purposes, including dA points and making prints available. If you reuse it or post it on another site, I ask that you include a link back here.

The Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle characters and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are the property of Lauren Faust and/or Hasbro and/or others.
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I like how the hooves sparkle!
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luna and twilight flying
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Ah, this helps me believe that there will be more Luna soon. There definitely needs to be more Luna in this show. (As well as Dash and Apple Jack and...etc.)
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More Luna would be nice. :)
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Luna and Twilight going to an adventure! I hope someone makes an episode about that.