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Princess Celestia in Flight

Nightmare flying in front of the moon would look cool. But you can't have Celestia flying in front of the sun. Because you should not look directly at the sun (that scene with Twilight and the telescope scared the crap out of me).

For Luna and Nightmare, their manes and tails are the easiest part. For Celestia, it's the hardest part. Masking to the rescue! It took 4 hours for the mane and tail and another 3 hours for the necklace and crown - possibly my longest single pony vector yet.
Is it irony that I did the Moon Princess at midday and the Sun Princess at midnight?

Alicorns in Flight: Cadance | Celestia | Luna | Mare Do Well | Nightmare
Additional Files: Original vector. An SVG file is available here: Princess Celestia (Resources).
Reuse: You are free to reuse this vector, in whole or in part, and make any edits you wish. You are not allowed to reuse anything I do for commercial purposes, including dA points and making prints available. If you reuse it or post it on another site, I ask that you include a link back here.

The Princess Celestia character and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are the property of Lauren Faust and/or Hasbro and/or others.
Thanks to Skylark-Torch for feedback.
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