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Princess Cadance in Wedding Dress

Princess Cadance in her wedding veil and dress. Her and Shining Armour make a really cute couple. Except this isn't actually Cadance in the episode. It's Queen Meanie.

As I'm doing this, it hits me: I'm tracing pretty pink ponies. Not pretty pink party ponies either. But pretty pink princess ponies. In a wedding. Presided over by another pretty pink princess pony (in the toys anyway).
Considering the number of squiggles and the like, I'm very happy with the way this came out. I hope you enjoy it too.

Additional Files: Shining Armour in Tuxedo. The original dress + legs design and an SVG file are available here: Princess Cadance (Resources).
Reuse: You are free to reuse this vector, in whole or in part, and make any edits you wish. You are not allowed to reuse anything I do for commercial purposes, including dA points and making prints available. If you reuse it or post it on another site, I ask that you include a link back here.

Vectored from preview media. The Princess Cadance character and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are the property of Lauren Faust and/or Hasbro and/or others.
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this is the real one not Chrysalis, right?
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Have that kissing queen:D (Big Grin) Queen chrysalis icon Queen Chrysalis icon (2) 
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Is it strange that I want my wedding dress to look like Chrysalis/Cadance's?
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Go for it man! Have the best wedding ever!
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think you should know this person has changed this and selling it of for points…
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Thanks for letting me know. The link was broken, but I found the image you were referring to.
The drawing is very crude (why anyone would pay points is beyond me...) and it's not immediately clear how they created it. It's pretty obvious they've also copied the earring and bow from someone else as well.
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indeed the first pic she posted tho she had written that this was the original ive tryid talking to her before about this stealing of hers since she has traced over others pictures before but she keeps ignoring me and all the other who tryid to talk to her -.-
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Man she has some big eyes!
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That's not Cadance,it's Chrysalis! Dx
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From the first paragraph in the image description: "Except this isn't actually Cadance in the episode. It's Queen Meanie."
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I always thought that this dress was prettier than the real Cadence's dress.
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I don't know if It's just me or her legs are shorter.
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The legs were originally much shorter, but when I got a better shot of the dress, I made to make both longer. IIRC, Cadance uses Luna's boy model and Luna has unbelievably long (and thin) legs.
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