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Mrs Harshwhinny

"You must maintain a professional attitude and keep your emotions in check! Am I making myself absolutely one hundred percent crystal clear?"
Self-imposed speed-vectoring challenge. Time taken: 2 hours. Lessons learned from last week were not followed.

Vector all the ponies: gallery | journal | SVG files (see the journal entry for request information).
Reuse: - No bases - No use for commercial (profit-making) purposes - Include a link back here

Vectored from episode 4x05: Flight to the Finish. The Mrs Harshwhinny character and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are the property of Lauren Faust and/or Hasbro and/or others.
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I used your vector: here
Hag's avatar
Harshie dosen't mess around.
Wanilla13's avatar
Meh, I don't like her(I mean the actual CHARACTER), but it is a good piece of art.
eramthgin-1027501's avatar
You know, she had way too many facial expressions for that last episode.
BraveryTheHusky's avatar
I'm always unsure of this pony. I mean sometimes she seems ok to me, then I remember she's harsh and kinda mean.
GlitchKing123's avatar
She's not harsh...she's just...Professional :P
BraveryTheHusky's avatar
I guess. Just wish she was more easy going.
GlitchKing123's avatar
I wish the same for Diamond Tiara and SilverSpoon, but that's not going to happen
(Besides....i like them anyway xP )
BraveryTheHusky's avatar
I still hope they turn good though.
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