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So much meme by 90-Dollar-Headphones So much meme :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 3 8
In The Mind of a Poet
How many sleepless nights has it been?
How many times now have these thoughts kept me awake?  
These thoughts of a better place
Where the clouds are white
And the sky is blue
And the water is clear
With glittering reflections of the sun.
This impossible place.  
It obviously doesn't exist.
Yet here I am,
Forever kept awake by it.
:icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 2 1
Concrete Heart,Linoleum Floors
This whole place,
Wall after white wall,
Cages our hearts
And leaves us to stare out windows
That open to busy city streets
Endless hallways can only lead
To another room
That will soon be empty, anyways.
Thin plastic tubes,
And needles so cold,
Sterile tables where we will meet fate
Masked faces and reassuring words
Gloved hands that slowly feed us to the world
Bring us closer to insanity.
Strained voices tell us
That we'll be alright
But that's not the truth,
Is it?
Because the families are crying
And we all know how bad this is
Because my heart feels so empty
And we all know what's in that syringe
:icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 2 2
Who's cruel idea was gravity?
Who keeps us from the sky?
Who glues our feet to the sidewalk
While we forever yearn to fly?
Who puts these magnets in our shoes?
Who keeps us on the ground?
Who tells us that it's best this way
Down here, where it's safe and sound?
Who keeps us from falling up?
Who constantly holds us down?
Who let's our hearts go to the air
While our bodies stay on the ground?
:icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 3 4
screenshot this 3 by 90-Dollar-Headphones screenshot this 3 :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 2 0 Wallpaper by 90-Dollar-Headphones Wallpaper :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 3 3 Flyin' by 90-Dollar-Headphones Flyin' :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 2 0 The Runner by 90-Dollar-Headphones The Runner :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 1 6 I Care by 90-Dollar-Headphones I Care :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 0 0 Brilliant by 90-Dollar-Headphones Brilliant :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 1 0
Cat sleeps with her chin on the floor
And swirling nature dreams in her head
Catches unsuspecting mice in her slumber
Chases butterflies through fields of tall grass
Pounces on grass blowing in the wind
But the wind begins to whoosh
Faster and faster, confusing the cat
Who meows and tries to run away from it.
Only to wake up
Still in the study
Still by the fireplace
With her chin on the floor
And the nature dreams disintegrate
Slipping into the air
Until next time…
:icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 1 0
Romeo and Juliet
"Let's run away
We'll steal the neighbors' car
And drive as fast as we can
We'll go on till the gas empties
And our hearts are full
And then we'll be happy
And we'll be together
No need to fear,
For you are here
To guide and protect me
I can count on you
We'll go on and on forever
Because nothing will be able to pull us apart
No one will dare to cross this line
Forever.  With me.  And you.  Us."
:icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 2 0
Rules of Life by 90-Dollar-Headphones Rules of Life :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 1 0 Musical by 90-Dollar-Headphones Musical :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 0 0 Burst by 90-Dollar-Headphones Burst :icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 1 0
Forget the Troubles
There's war somewhere
But you don't care
There'll always be death
So be it, then
Robbers and liars
Kids playing with fires
Poachers and hunters
People becoming blunter
Shootings and killings
And diggings and drillings
Forget them all!
Let them have their brawl
I'm going to the mall
Oh!  Another phone call.
I'll play tennis against the wall
While the bad things have their brawl
(Forget the troubles, live for the day)
:icon90-dollar-headphones:90-Dollar-Headphones 2 2
Please check it out! You won't regret it!

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United States Minor Outlying Islands
... That is all.


Favourite genre of music: ROCK<3
Favourite style of art: any.
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch <#3
Hi guys.  I've missed you.  I haven't really had time to go on dA much lately, but I'll try to get on more often.


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