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order vs chaos


this is my first entry to the contest bring your vision to life
i dont know if they will accept it
ill try to come up with other ideas too

by the way, i like eggs

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This is quite an amusing concept - it's simple yet the message is very clear =)
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thank you for passing by
there are things in life which are quite simple and clear but we never notice them or get the idea behind them
but when we do it really makes a difference
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I agree with you - I understand the concept quite clearly when I saw this; it's quite humorous as well ^_^
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Great idea ! I Love it !
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This is one of those works that actually have the right to win. Not the mainstream crap that the 90% of people do for the contest.
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im glad to hear this :D
but i dont think wacom will agree
especially if they are going to use it in their campaign

thank you
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:D thanx
go eggs go eggs
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exelent piece hahaha
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Mmm, eggs.
Unique concept, that's for sure =) I like it.
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it took these photos in the morning, after finishing from photography, i ate them :D
and they became really cold! but still i like eggs

glad you liked it
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I like eggs too... now I must get some xD
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I to love eggs! And your photo!! Now i have eggs on the brain... i wish i had eggs in my belly!
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eat some on your breakfast
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