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Fella's love world


this is my first entry for "Be Fella's Valentine Contest"
as you can see, Fella is spreading the love around the globe,
and making the world a better place.

the colors depict soft love colors, its like a box of chocolate
or a box of makeup powders :D

it is simply a delicious world of love !

EDIT: the winner of international category (runner up) :D

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DiegoVainilla's avatar
what place is that in the most north?
Indonesia Looks so Small
8xhx8's avatar
I couldn't color another block :(
Oh That's allright
Heliocathus's avatar
aaw you forgot some lil' countries like NZ and Fiji!
8xhx8's avatar
its not my fault, i blame the template
my apologies
Heliocathus's avatar
its ok now that you mention it
Seltivo's avatar
nice! this would make a cool wallpaper...
8xhx8's avatar
yeah :nod: only if the screen resolution is 1024x768
aemi-chan's avatar
genius! :heart: great idea x3
8xhx8's avatar
aemi-chan's avatar
:hug: <3 my pleasure
MazdaTiger's avatar
wow thats awesome... a mosaic version of the world... and congratz on your runner up anywayz (late)
8xhx8's avatar
thank you so much :hug:
Hitora1003's avatar
europe looks like a eagal... lol... nice pic
8xhx8's avatar
Sorai-Chan's avatar
dude this is cool. You should of have won. You created all the damn continents lol
8xhx8's avatar
thank you :hug:
yeah all the continents but not all the countries :D
ShwarzEngel's avatar
Who cares about countries!:D
Your stuff is well executed ; plus the combination of the so soft coloring and the 'minimalistic' touch give all the essence to it ^^.
(Unfortunately I haven't heard of this contest, I'm gonna check the article to know exactly what I'm talking about:)).
Anyway I DO love that pic of yours. (it's the second one I see, the second one that I you smell that?...It smells the :+devwatch:;))
Do you mind if I set is as my desktop wp?(-:
8xhx8's avatar
loool :D
first of all thank you for replying
and of course you can use it for your desktop

it was a simple and enjoyable contest you missed it!
and i used those soft colors because i think they
represent the concept and the meaning behind this contest
which it was LOVE

thanx again
An-Haruno-Girl's avatar
This pic should have won!!!!!!!! :heart: >w<
Totally luv it :D The colours are so greatttttt~!!
8xhx8's avatar
will it won but not the 1st place :D
and still im so so happy
im glad that you are saying this :hug:
Retro-Goose's avatar
alf mabrook!!
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