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Come and enjoy the wonderful world of Watercolors and Ink!  :heart: This is one of my favorite mediums, and I hope you all will come to love it as well! Please be sure to give the artists lots of love and please :+fav: if you enjoyed it!


"A photograph to me is always a reminder of how the person was on a certain day in that certain light fixed. When I look at a watercolor of that same person, it seems to me alive, more open than a photograph."  -(Francesco Clemente)

:thumb334374223: why do people dream? by proxi-mity
White Swan 15 by Kechake-stock Bittersweet Distraction. by DeniseEsposito
Bystrouska by woxys Colorful Red Fox by Nicole-Marie-Walker

"Watercolor, with all its subtle color and value gradations and its many welcome surprises, is the perfect medium for capturing mood. " -(Ray Hendershot)

Skull Kid's Tears by Jasqreate The Coming Storm by aragonia Watercolor self-portrait by Zirngibl Misty Solitude by judylee Watercolor painting  *Watchful* by AtelierArends watercolor landscape 4 by Just-a-Witness

"I seldom draw detail on the watercolor paper but let the color and area washes determine the need for detail. This keeps me looking at the subject. " -(Mary de Loyht-Arendt)

Timebomb, watercolor portrait speed painting by jane-beata Slumber in Peace by AtelierKunz Dreams eat me up by Sunima Watercolor Landscape by RubisFirenos Patience Watercolor by OptionBB Watercolor eye study by jane-beata

"If it is light, leave it white. " -(Robert Regis Dvorak)

ONe by CocotteMe Commission for Elyra by wantou The Puma by Cyb007 What If The Storm Ends by Verismaya dreaming by kir-tat Dreams of a Snowmobiler by atrophy129

"You can only master transparent watercolor by disciplined study. Knowledge frees the soul to express its creativity. Ultimately, however, the medium cannot be mastered... only handled masterfully."  -(Jim Kosvanec)

Smoke and Fire by puimun:thumb279141058: The phoenix's sword by Sunima:thumb352211356: Brooklyn Bridge by takmaj watercolor masterwork painting by bishounenizer

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Thanks for sharing !
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Thank you so much for the feature, in the midst of all these wonderful watercolors! I love all the quotes! Especially the one about the medium never being mastered, so true, always learning to handle it masterfully. A never ending experience, and a delightful one at that!
8TwilightAngel8's avatar
You're very welcome! :hug:
That's my favorite too and its definitely one i think artists should take to heart :aww:
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hi, wow thanks
8TwilightAngel8's avatar
You're very welcome! :hug:
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Thank you for the feature! :hug:! :rose:
8TwilightAngel8's avatar
You're very welcome! :huggle:
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sweet :D thank you :ahoy:
8TwilightAngel8's avatar
You're very welcome! :hug:
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Thank you for the feature - and I love those quotes! Very insightful.
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You're welcome! :huggle:

I love them too. I was actually surprised by the sheer number of quotes on watercolors (as well as other paints and media). It made the feature's organization a lot easier ;)
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Thank you so much for the feature :) It means a lot.
Lovely collection of pieces and quotes. A nice commemoration to watercolor! :heart:
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You're very welcome! :tighthug: And thank you!
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Gorgeous artwork!

Also, I LOVE your journal skin!
8TwilightAngel8's avatar
Thanks! :D

I was so happy when i found it. I thought it was perfect for this feature^^
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