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A Wild St.Pat's Dance Party Prologue
Uni's P.O.V.
Hi, I'm Uni Lastation. The CPU Candidate from Lastation. Since I fit myself right in the world of ToonTown and Cog Nation, especially, with the help with Mishka and her friends? My friends from my world decided to step in and help.
Every single time I step up even more in my big sister's shoes; beside the fact I don't look back the bad times any longer. It's all behind me already. I lived in a simple apartment of my own, thanks to the Chief Financial Officer gave me his trust, praise, and a gave me a new title for a partner.
But... Umm, you guys probably knew the rest, and I'm living in the dorms with 2 lady Cogs. Miss Barb and Miss Linda, pretty much requested by the princess, her friend, and the Co-Head who's also Chairman temporarily.
(*Cling and clanking noises irritates Uni, cause by Melvin doing his random crazy stunts for his blogs again!*)
That's Officer Melvin Igloo.. (*Sighs*) Again with the Harlem  Shake. :facepalm: (*Calling from another room across the ha
:icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 4 0
Minty Happyclub cried of the dark new NEST by 8TeamFriends8 Minty Happyclub cried of the dark new NEST :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 3 5 Me with the plushie size Boo ghost by 8TeamFriends8 Me with the plushie size Boo ghost :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 7 3 Me and Nepgoo with the plush size Boo by 8TeamFriends8 Me and Nepgoo with the plush size Boo :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 9 10 A ToonTown random doodle 1 by 8TeamFriends8 A ToonTown random doodle 1 :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 8 0
A Toony Valentine's Day Party Chapter 1
:heart: Chapter 1 :heart:
"OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" A voice shouted inside of Princess Melody Glitterbubble's house. "Since Hannah and I were born on the same day, I thought we could give those human friends a second chance, Rini. I mean, they did saved our lives," Melody explained.
"ValenToon's day is in 2 weeks on our birthdays, and Mayor Flippy did say everyone's welcome to enjoy the same big event taking place at the Melodyland's Party Hat," added Hannah Peach, passing out cups to each members of the Team Friends. Mishka was happy to hear just as much after the 2 Toony cousins explained that they're going to be special guest on that day, but Rini as the Moon Princess from the Crystal Palace was surprised. 
"If you say so," she began to ask the Toons. "How about the Cogs, that the Human Participants were friends with.. How are they going to take it? What will they say?" 
Amy: You asked how they're gonna react, they believed it's sound like a good idea to the Chi
:icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 5 34
Me making my special 25th birthday wish by 8TeamFriends8 Me making my special 25th birthday wish :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 4 1 Me and David celebrate my 25th birthday  by 8TeamFriends8 Me and David celebrate my 25th birthday :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 3 7
Layla sang Promise Me inside of Cashbot HQ
It was a long day for a certain hybrid to end her shift, but been told to do an inspection check around the room next the magnets and safes. Since each and every one of the batteries were turned off for safety.
Layla couldn't help but think back what she did was an accident. Well, two times of encountering a certain Loan Shark. Having a feeling of him been so angry and held a temporarily grudge to her, it got her to remember the time when one of the TAs (short for teaching assistants) were behaving so harsh to her.
The hybrid sigh calmly while asking herself, "Why do I have to be there, instead of just being with my loved ones? What is this tugging but hurtful feeling in my chest? How come I always been so sad, just by looking at new strangers like Mister Lars?" She turned around to look up at the window ceiling; gazing at the evening sky with the stars far away above her.
She began to sing a song when she was a kid inside of NEST, but Layla didn't even know that the rooms and halls ga
:icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 5 4
Project: Black Velvet (Background story of NEST)
Very much far.. The very city from outside of ToonTown and Cog Nation, there were once a opened society and community. The NEST.
Social-programming of

Under the works from one of Gyro's classmates, not long before himself built the robot in his laboratory. The sealed up community is twice much big aside from the playground, and yet dull looking. The very last time Gyro knew, the place was meant to educated orphans that were moved in the academic environment. Just 2 years, the 4 Cog Bosses had been noticing they were losing one of their kind. The bodies and parts were somehow been report as missing.
As for NEST, no longer meant for friendly education for the orphan Toons. The retired owner of NEST pass over his place to one of the staff, who isn't just any Toon. He isn't a Cog either. NEST got walled up with very strong walls, the new and improved scientists got the robots to become more gruesome guards.
Most of them lived and work, while at least several ch
:icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 2 2
The missing Cogs inside of NEST by 8TeamFriends8 The missing Cogs inside of NEST :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 3 11 Collab ToonTown cover of Layla and Lars by 8TeamFriends8 Collab ToonTown cover of Layla and Lars :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 5 4
No I cannot do it
💔I am so broken 💔
I just don't want be indicated by 2 certain roommate, when one male molested me again during the Fall season without my fiance knowing and the other one cheated behind the new boyfriend's back. Constantly fighting and taking advantage out of my free will.
What about the fact losing my fiance due to this new diagnosis from a doctor, after getting another car accident.
All the hate jokes " :music: Bernice hates me, yes she does :music: " IS GETTING ON MY NERVES and I have to say I don't want that reminding of the past.
I can't get back to ToonTown Rewritten to find out if everyone is okay, while trying to investigate.
2 certain online bullies hurt me years ago and I am afraid they will hurt me again.
I can't make fun videos work properly on my YouTube channel.
My own night supervisor made me feel cross to the point, I don't want to work anymore when things are set up for the last minute. I am getting way too uncomfortable.
My fiance lost his job from McD
:icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 1 20
A Toony Valentine's Day Party Prologue
:heart: Prologue :heart:
Located somewhere inside of Sellbot Headquarters..
A certain Sellbot walking back and forth, while he was already off the clock. That certain Cog couldn't stop thinking about the same Journalist Reporter; who's also the Chief Justice's ward..? He had developed strongest feelings about the human girl. He knew how much he really feel about the same girl he rescued during the monster mash months ago, the Sellbot had discover something even worst.
He knew that it seem clear if he admire her fully of the bond he and her both made, but the still hadn't get out of his nervous zone just yet... There was fear of the action of this euphoria, could and would lead to a possible consequences of his job. And his life as a Telemarketer as well. However, imagined him in the scenario? You could say he look fine at first, but whenever he's alone in his own office? Seem overwhelming at the moment, as he look at his phone of pictures, related news links of Humans in Co
:icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 5 5
Minty reunited with Static by 8TeamFriends8 Minty reunited with Static :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 3 0 Injured Layla blushing in front of Lars by 8TeamFriends8 Injured Layla blushing in front of Lars :icon8teamfriends8:8TeamFriends8 6 0
Team Friends


[drawing] Percy's Build-day Gift by Sexualbots [drawing] Percy's Build-day Gift :iconsexualbots:Sexualbots 2 2 Daily Paint 2309. Hoola by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2309. Hoola :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 1,732 52 My Friend by Pawineet My Friend :iconpawineet:Pawineet 9 0 Run. by KitsuneKawaiiGirl Run. :iconkitsunekawaiigirl:KitsuneKawaiiGirl 4 0 Shiratama Plushie and the Bag of Corn Ring Snacks by dannichangirl Shiratama Plushie and the Bag of Corn Ring Snacks :icondannichangirl:dannichangirl 6 0 You look Cute.... by KitsuneKawaiiGirl You look Cute.... :iconkitsunekawaiigirl:KitsuneKawaiiGirl 11 5 Week of Christmas Cookies Pt.1: Candy Candy Cookie by cakecrumbs Week of Christmas Cookies Pt.1: Candy Candy Cookie :iconcakecrumbs:cakecrumbs 40 4 Chocolate Sponge Drip Cake by cakecrumbs Chocolate Sponge Drip Cake :iconcakecrumbs:cakecrumbs 121 12 Valkyrie Rider 3 by Fairytas Valkyrie Rider 3 :iconfairytas:Fairytas 543 14 Goz And Bako by Pawineet Goz And Bako :iconpawineet:Pawineet 4 1 Popop - COM by Lady-With-A--K Popop - COM :iconlady-with-a--k:Lady-With-A--K 15 2 Willow - COM by Lady-With-A--K Willow - COM :iconlady-with-a--k:Lady-With-A--K 17 1 Bust request batch 16/26 by SplatterFeather Bust request batch 16/26 :iconsplatterfeather:SplatterFeather 7 0 Hero 108: First Squad by Lolfurbyscribble Hero 108: First Squad :iconlolfurbyscribble:Lolfurbyscribble 14 1 Hero 108: Mr. No Hands by Lolfurbyscribble Hero 108: Mr. No Hands :iconlolfurbyscribble:Lolfurbyscribble 13 0 Hero 108: Jumpy Ghostface by Lolfurbyscribble Hero 108: Jumpy Ghostface :iconlolfurbyscribble:Lolfurbyscribble 15 0


I can't handle this throbbing pain in my head, stomach, and multiple vibrations shutting my whole body down. This is overwhelming me.😭

embedded_item1552962615390 by 8TeamFriends8
And postpone once more again until 2020. David / ShobonStudios told me last month when he got wrongfully suspended to laid off, I am so closed to getting to know good peeps in his shift. That was couple of weeks before Valentine's day, and 3 weeks before my 25th birthday.

So he suggested me that the both of us will be saving up for a cruise. We're so sorry everyone, I know it's disappointing just as much to us both, but I really felt it was some bad workers at McDonald's who was at fault.

We are still looking forward and going strong.🙏


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364 / 100
Hi there everybody. Since it is my first time doing this donation pool (whatever other Deviants are doing), I decide and thought at the same time.. Why not work extremely hard to make all of my dreams come true to becoming a career to be notice. Since I've been notice by all of you guys, people can get to notice all the timeline that includes my comics, drawings, writing, my community projects, photography fun, and so much others about the Team Friends, cartoons, etc. Please support me. Thank you! :D

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Bernice / Mishka
United States
Hello everyone!

My name is Bernice or some of you know me as "Mishka", "Mish", "Misha", or "Mish-chan" which ever works. I'm starting something here on my DeviantART now. I'm finally doing something here, and getting back to update my profile.

put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
██████ if you're
---██--- not embarrased
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian

╔═╦╗╔╦╦╦╦╦╦═╦═╗put this on
║═╣║║║╔╣╔╣║═╣╚╣your page
║╔╣╚╝║║║║║║═╬╗║if you support
╚╝╚══╩╝╚╝╚╩═╩═╝Furries! ♥


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