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my son?? [Registration - Basil] by 8skip my son?? [Registration - Basil] by 8skip
aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA so i finally have a ren !!!! his very beauty design is courtesy of inkray and i am in love???????? with this avocado neRD

i had a struggle 2 name him but i think perhaps salsa is his nickname b/c of how he looke............................. yes

he is currently lookin 4 friends etc !! feel free to lmk if u wanna be friends/acquaintances/etc with this boy


easily excited, gullible
honestly u could tell basil anything and he will believe u & probs freak out about it. "hey basil if ur toes r shorter than ur fingers it means u have secret superpowers" ":0 !!!!!!! omg omg what could they be??? oh man whaaat"
he's not necessarily loud and over-the-top about his excitement, it's more like he's easily fascinated by things and can get a little too hopeful sometimes. he gets excited to be included & involved in social things either to spend quality time with his own friends or to meet new ones!
friendly, kind-hearted
he's always willing and ready for new friendships, but given his nature he can sometimes allow himself to be stepped on for others. he'll eventually realize something is fishy but isn't very good at knowing what to do about it, which ultimately means he doesn't do much at all. at least until it reaches an unhealthy point. most of the time though that doesn't happen, and he just ends up forming strong bonds with others since he loves to be around rens he feels he can trust & have a good time with vuv
while he's large and very, very strong, basil isn't the best at standing up for himself when it comes to emotionally charged situations. he can wrassle and all, but he doesn't like confrontation or arguing/fighting.
playful, silly
he really likes making others laugh, but he's a goofball even on his own. he just likes to have a good time, and sometimes that means rolling around and getting dirty for no real reason. he likes to be active and play - run around, roll down hills, all that good stuff. he'd never do anything for his own amusement that was at anyone else's expense. he can be a little clumsy when he's excited, but he's actually fairly graceful when he's feeling more mellow c:
as mentioned before, sometimes basil's generosity can disadvantage him. but most of the time, he just likes to help others, and he doesn't like being the only one smiling in a room. he especially likes to cheer others up when they're down, although sometimes he needs to be reminded that you can't always do that!

species by Hauket
design by hauket and inkray !!
Spagooter-Cat Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh gosh, so pretty ;;
8skip Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ahh thank you so much !!! ; v ;
Spagooter-Cat Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome!
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