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Experience by 8skip Experience by 8skip
i know this is last minute but i was nitpicking so much and even now im not as happy with it as i wanted to be ; - ;

but !! i digress !
here is my experience entry, which is centered around the experience of losing a loved one. anastasia was originally zuuzombie's, but was traded and shortly after the trade we decided to break our own hearts by imagining what it must have been like for the other Minkin in her herd.

dont read this its rly bad its not even writing its like;; a blurb who even knows just fuck me up
Before Anastasia passed, she was incredibly close with Justice and the gang. They spent a lot of time together, and Anastasia inspired and cared for other mins in the herd like Synth and Prince, and of course, Justice. Her and Justice kept an eye on everything, made sure the others were getting along and all was well, and the two of them were the closest out of all of them. They were all thankful for her presence, for her love and kindness. Synth revered her almost as a mother, always seeking and taking her advice, learning from her, treating her with the utmost respect and adoration. Upon realizing she would soon be gone, he vanished, and became bitter. As for Justice, she couldn't bear to be around her in her final moments. She was enamored with her by every definition, and was in too much pain to simply stand by, unable to do anything for her. She had only recently set aside her skepticism for Dominic, allowing him into the herd and as such he grew close to the other minkin around him. This included Anastasia. Her calm and patient nature suppressed his anxious need to put up his defenses and as such she allowed him to be a more honest min, to preserve his own integrity. He held much respect for her, and as such wanted to be beside her in her final moments along with Prince, who was too attached to let go.
The two of them lay with her and spent her last few breaths with her, a gesture she was silently thankful for. Prince never did say goodbye, too wrapped up in tears to say much else than an incoherent plea for her to stay. Dominic could hardly offer much comfort, with his own sorrow catching up to him, and all he could do was try to hold on to their last few moments as a herd, to their last few moments as a family.

tbh like trading her was nowhere NEAR this dramatic at first until zuu remembered that anastasia was justice's sweetheart and synth's sort-of-mom and from that point on shit got sad real quick
we thought about this stuff more to torture ourselves than anything really so pls dont take it too seriousl y, ,,,

about the sparkles: paint fucked me over last minute so i will have to add them and fix this maybe tomorrow? idk im reinstalling sai so maybe that will help ; - ;

species belongs to edelilah and SA1B0T !!
anastasia belongs to burrdog (ty for letting me draw her ; v ; )
prince belongs to ZuuZombie and dom is mine!
confetti Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what the heeeeck this is so sad... ;A; gorgeous picture, though!
8skip Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ahaha woops I'm a sucker for making my characters & faves sad ahehaehaheu
thank you so much though !! ; v ;
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