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Dominic by 8skip Dominic by 8skip
wow i fINALLY published this....... sorry for the giant bio omg :0

:star: Bio :star:
so here's Dominic! he's not such an easy character to befriend, not because he is mean or rude but simply because he does not easily let others in, so to speak. He tends to fabricate a personality that really isn't his - one that is strict and overpoised, rather pretentious actually. It's more of a defense mechanism than anything, stemming from his skepticism regarding others and hesitance to easily trust others. He is incredibly invested in the world around him, however. He spends a lot of time helping young critters along. He likes serene, peaceful environments and likes to hang around lakes and ponds, rivers and brooks, where he often naps since the sound of running water is so comforting to him. He also has a bit of a fascination with aquatic species and amphibians (often helping to raise their young) so he stays by the water often. He knows quite a lot about flora, though. While he does have a love of many animals and their ecologies he is much more knowledgeable on plants and their ecology. He has a green thumb hoof and knows how to care for several different kinds of plants & flowers, and has a particular affinity for carnivorous plants. He cares for plant life as though they were as sentient as fauna, and in all honesty believes that they are. 

It's not like Dominic is unapproachable. Having a bit of an irrational fear of abandonment, he does not get close to just anyone as he is a bit of a pessimist and assumes one way or another he will eventually be replaced or forgotten. However, he has a tendency to be generous and helpful to those he does trust - and when it comes to making things better for the flora and fauna around him, he is more than happy to lend a hoof to other minkin. Dominic is also eager to learn about the species around him (flora/fauna alike!) and is happy to discuss and exchange information; he's happy to educate others on what he's learned on his personal experiences and hear about their own providing they understand that it takes him a while to really open up. He's genuinely kind and actually rather excitable once he's comfortable enough to show it, but he's not very good at handling social situations and interpreting conflicts. He's also not very good at arguing as he is stubborn and it takes a bit of effort to change his mind about things. He is not explosive or ill-meaning, however, and will often either agree to disagree or be talked into a resolution providing there is ever actually a conflict.

:rose: Flower :rose:
His flower is actually very similar to Mimosa pudica , which is a plant often found in warm environments and responds to heat or touch by folding its leaves into itself. It is a bit more complex, however, in that it does not have one single reaction to touch. If the petals are roughly handled, touched with too much pressure/force, or bitten, the flower clams up and loses its brighter colouration (see lower left). If it is touched gently, perched/landed on by an insect for example, or watered, it will open up its outer petals even further to reveal smaller inner petals in shades of pink and a lovely scent. Perhaps this flower was a method of self-expression for Dominic, hehe. Who knows.

Please let me know if there is anything I need to change!!

original design&character were a myo by elmstreetnightmare !!
Minkin belong to edelilah and SA1B0T
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11lamb Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Student General Artist
sweet sweet boyfriendo
8skip Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
my son
skyantelope Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That tail hair is amazing!!
8skip Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ahh oh my gosh thank you so much !! ;v;
MoonShinersDaughter Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015
He looks great! I love his personality, and the extra info about his flower is great :meow:
8skip Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ahh thank you so much !! I really appreciate it ; v ;
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