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No acostumbro a dejar críticas pero tenía muchas ganas de comentar en el dibujo, la atmósfera va de acuerdo con el contraste de la tris...

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8SilentWarrior8's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

As anyone who is on this page , I love drawing, manga and comics in particular , my interests are varied , from the surreal imagery , epic warriors and battles , the dark atmosphere , the mystical and the obvious: the vore genre.

Initially going to upload pictures of all the above types , but I realized that the only vore would be accepted.

my personal tastes :

- Anime: my favorites are Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on titan , Elfen Lied , Death Note , Fate Zero, Rozen Maiden, Gosick , Mirai Nikki , Claymore , Lucky Star , Another and more.

- Movies : I really like the genre of fantasy and science fiction

-Series : Game of Thrones , Spartacus , Vikings , Breaking Bad, Da Vinci's Demons , etc.

- Video games : I'm a big fan of Mortal Kombat

Music : I like New Age music genre and my favorite bands are Gregorian, Enigma , Era, Two steps From Hell, Lesiem , Sarah Brightman, Delerium , Globus, Jean Michel Jarre and others who are not of this genre .

I do not make commissions, I prefer to do what my mind comes up and choose the creation of some minds that match mine, so I open requests on occasions.

What I draw:

-Soft/Hard vore
-F / F F / M
-M / F (girls only)
-No vore pictures

What I do not draw:

-Anal, Vaginal vore
-Belly inflation
-Beast, Worm, Plant vore
-Same size
I hope my drawings are to your liking and for any questions or comments can send me a note.

Flag Counter
Watching Iamdja's profile for a while (snooping about his character) I came across a top that he did (I'm in 25th position, I'm famous: 'D) and I said to myself "good idea, I'll do one myself too because I'm bored and because his idea is very good. "

I do not have 25 favorite artists, I will reduce it to 15 since although I have faved several drawings of several artists at times most of their drawings are not my total pleasure.

15: Dangonoms

His art is very good, a mode of impeccable drawing, unfortunately you have to pay to see most of his drawings and material that´s why he is here, his coloring is quite pleasing to the eye and has as main characters people with animal ears, although I do not like the furry but this type of characterization I can enjoy without any problem. 

My favourite drawing:

14: Voracious Panda

Her style was one of my favorites for a long time until I started seeing other artists, she has a great talent for making drawings with realistic style, besides that she was the one who let me know that I also have endosomatophilia

My favourite drawing: 

13: Vaderaz

What can I say? His art is great, his style, coloring, anatomical proportions and scenarios, the fantasy genre is present most of the time (my favorite genre) and that is what gives him more credibility in his stories, he has a relationship with Felarya but it does not mean that his characters do not have an identity of their own, mainly his character Zyncha ... Zynca ... Zhykhara!

My favourite drawing: 

Well... That was a drawing made for other artist that i admire... here is:

12: Saninaka

He / She has one of the most complex vore stories (more than Karbo, I dare say for sure) the style is very nice, I admit that i loved his/her main character  when I saw it, the character in question is a giant naga with the same name of the user and inside has a world where the inhabitants live in harmony because she is friendly, many artists and creative people have extended that world within her and without a doubt it is a very original and quite creative proposal.

Do you want to explore the world? here is the guide:…

My favourite drawing: 

11: Terada Ochiko

He is a Japanese professional illustrator and what catches my attention (apart from the vore, of course) is the great detail he has when drawing cities and let's not talk about the inside like the stomach or the mouth because it's just great.
So why do I put him in this position if it seems that I like everything about him? not everything, since it tends to draw a lot of excression and futanari

Favourite drawing:… (Is a story comic, but this is my favourite page)

10: Tsubasha

What I like about that artist is his way of drawing the mouth and his works made in traditional style are very cute for me. recently he is drawing in digital and the results are awesome

Favourite drawing:…

9: Freimgul

Freimgul is distinguished by the sensuality that his/her drawings transmit, the tone he/she uses is dark but quite successful for the interior scenes, something I like about his / her style is the luminosity effect.

Favourite drawing: 

8: Jora Bora

We met a Vore veteran, his/her style is impeccable as well as his coloring, he was one of the first artists that I saw in dA, in fact, I did not even draw yet, I only have to doubt why he is uploading more sketches lately...

Favourite drawing: 

7: Kabe Umariko 

Ladies and gentlemen, the artist to whom I owe my improvement in drawing the interior, although, I still can not do it with the high quality that he does is enough for me, he does vore, but he prefers to draw more things from Splaaton. In the question of the vore the interior is his main talent and he is not selfish, since he has videos in which he shows the process of his drawings

Favourite drawing:… (Yes, is a drawing :P)
And this:…

6: P Tag

Japan again, Pixiv has very few good vore artists but the few good ones do it very well, the style of this artist is mostly grayscale or black and white, he also has a lot of talent in drawing the inside of the body and he like to do comics, very entertaining even though I do not know how to speak Japanese xD…

5: Utopia

If you like Touhou or Kantai Collection, this artist will like you, the vore appears sporadically bcs this artist draws more non vore GTS, the coloring is very good, although the outline of the sketch is visible sometimes does not affect the drawing and the coloring he uses It is striking.

Favourite drawing:…

4: Karbo 

Oh yes, the one considered by many as the best artist vore and they are right, as a friend says: it is the "God of the vore" his style is fantastic and certainly if he did not make vore his art would continue to have many followers for quality, I met this artist when he was 14 years old and he has been one of the pioneers of the vore, the inspiration of many to draw and give free rein to his imagination. The reason why he is not in the first place is because he has stagnated a lot in his drawings, lately he only does mawshots, besides this (personally) I do not like exaggerated nudity much.

Favourite drawing:  

3: Mrishimaru

Or as I like to call him: The teacher of the sketches, his coloring is very tenuous and clear, but he has a lot of talent in the anatomical proportions and the faces, when he draws them in a manga style they are great and when he draws them realistically they are magnificent.

Favourite drawing: 

2: Marty Z art

The style of drawing is not anatomically correct in some illustrations, but that makes up for it with its ability to make the scenarios and the coloring, the technique he uses to draw the mouth and the interior is very good, achieves that the effect of humidity It looks very good, I must admit that he was an inspiration for me in improving my scenarios (Not in my drawings vore, but in other illustrations).

Favourite drawing: 

He was my favorite artist until i meet...

1: 1ZUMY

Personally, that realistic style is magnificent, the colors, lighting effects and shading simply captivated me, their professionalism is even in the simplest sketch, the effect of moisture on the mouth and stomach has good effect, but I admit I'm more amazed by the anatomy, shaded and colored ... I have an altar of 1ZUMY to which I pray every time I'm going to draw (ok that was a joke)

Favourite drawing: 

Special mention: Jolly phantom: She was the first vore artist that i watch in dA

Femaletheet: He do realistic videos and was my idol for many years
Emi: Same, her videos are awesome and was my first vore idol too, the best vore video done is "The whole way" (f/f version) 


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