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[TyranoBuilder] Put Equation in TextBox

By 8oni
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Inspired by status in FB, this is how to put equation in TyranoBuilder's Text Box because you can't copy paste it.
My solution is simple, use image using tag [graph] like what I do here : 8oni.deviantart.com/art/Tyrano…
However the problem is how to get an image of equation in PNG [transparent bg] because when I use Photoshop, I can't copy paste the equation either. So how? I need to use PDF then.
So at first I open Word and then I just get the equation that I need. You can type whatever you want I just get one of the default to make it fast.
Then I save as PDF. As you can see when open PDF in Photoshop the image is opened nicely. I just need to crop it a little to fit it. Change the color and save it.
The rest is put it on image folder and use the tag [graph] to show it on textbox.
My only suggestion is that you use a multiply of 12pixel for the image height. When you see the video there is already another picture that I use before and that one is 48 pixel. But for the next one I make it 72 pixel because it looks a little bit blurry.
And that's all. Please share if you think this is useful. Thanks for watching.
Feel free to ask if you find any question, just please give me a screen shoot first so I can know where is the problems.
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