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[TyranoBuilder] Change MenuButton_Configuration

By 8oni
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This is how to change the look and the position of menu button (the configuration button on right bottom).
For changing the look my suggestion is make them the same size as the original one 32x32 pixel.
You can use Project-Game Settings-Other to change the image.
To change the position you need to edit the Config.tjs. You can use Notepad if you want too but I like Notepad++ better but it's up to you, just find this line


and change them into your own coordinate. Now how to know the coordinate? Simple, just use Branch Button to get the coordinate. As you can see in the video I move the Branch Button on top right and I just rounded the number I get into


and that's all. If you want to put them on another position then it's up to you.

Thanks for watching. Feels free to ask if you find any problems just please give me a screen shoot first so I can guess where the problems.
Share if you think this is useful.

The video :

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