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[TyranoBuilder] CG Gallery

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See the demo here : www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptJXiW…

And this is from Youtube question sorry can't make it a video tutorial just a quick demo. This take a way too much time than simple 10 minute video tutorial [I spend half a day at least to make this including testing and debugging etc] and I can only make less than 10 minute video tutorial because I am using free software [if any of you want me make longer video than 10 minute feels free to suggest me any good recording software, free one please, even the one with trial watermark is ok as long as they can record more than 10 minute] so this is a quick demo of CG Gallery that I manage to made.
This is using system variable. I have 3 CG that I get from :

Basically I just use this code

[eval exp="sf.CG1=1"]
[eval exp="sf.CG2=1"]
[eval exp="sf.CG3=1"]

to make the value of each CG change after I show the picture to the user

then on the CG scene itself I use this

[macro name="CG1"]
[locate x=100 y=200]
[button graphic="CG1.png" target=*ShowCG1]

[macro name="CG2"]
[locate x=350 y=200]
[button graphic="CG2.jpg" target=*ShowCG2]

[macro name="CG3"]
[locate x=600 y=200]
[button graphic="CG3.png" target=*ShowCG3]

to put button using the image that I have resized before. You can read the documentation about the button here :
and I use macro so I can shortcut the code since they are basically the same, just different coordinate that's all. you can read about macro here :

so now I can just use this code to check if the value of CG1 CG2 CG3 is 1 or not and if yes then show the button but if not then do nothing

[if exp="sf.CG1==1"]

[if exp="sf.CG2==1"]

[if exp="sf.CG3==1"]

and as you can see with using macro the code is much more cleaner and easier on eyes

You can download the project example here : www.mediafire.com/?sro7tysamix…

Well hope it helps. Feel free to ask if you have any question but please give me your screen shoot first so I can guess your problems. Thanks for watching. Share if you think this is useful.
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chibi-beckettHobbyist Digital Artist
This helped out so much, thank you!
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Rebecca-doodlesProfessional Digital Artist
It does not work in my build and I am not sure why...
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The newest TB is 1.7, I might remake this on that version but no promise. I have a lot to-do-list already here ._.
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MsLillyHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for this! This will be so cool to have if I ever get around to finishing my game.

Also, if you still need a video capture there's Open Broadcaster Software. It's free and records for however long you want to. Also you don't need to broadcast to record, despite the name.

Here's a big complicated tutorial on how to use it
But I'm pretty sure you can just make a scene titled whatever and add window or monitor capture to the source. Maybe you gotta set what folder the video will save itself to in settings. It's been a while since I got it and had to set stuff up.
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Thank you for the link, I will try it when I have time. Haven't got any chance to make any long video tutorial for now but I will try to make one asap.

Glad you like the cg gallery :)
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Thank you <3333333
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Glad you like it. Feel free to comment if you get any problems :)
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