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[Novelty] BedroomSystem

By 8oni
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This is from www.visualnovelty.com/forum/vi…
where the question is to make a bedroom system where you can do activity such as study, sleep or watch tv.
As you can see I have stat screen where the academic is originally 10 and if user choose to study then the academic will increased by 5.
To make the different dialogue I use thread. There is button and hotspot on the screen so you can use whatever you like. For example if you didn't want to use button but have user click the picture of tv then just put hotspot there and set it to go the proper thread and so on.
You can see this in action here : youtu.be/iAhkl7_FeCo

After you download the zip just extract then put it into Projects Folder :)

Feel free to ask if there is any problems and please share if you think this is useful
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Zarashi99Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this software looks so surreal. It's really awesome to see you make tutorials too. Aww, you're so kind~
Do you have games that you've published via this software? I'd love to try it~ :heart:
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You already play it? The Kinetic Novel : White World.
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Zarashi99Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, oh! The title itself sounds interesting already~
Any links? :) I'll try to dig through your gallery and find it in the meantime. ^_^