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RP Chars WIP

Another WIP for this week. This time it's of my RP Char (the guy) and my partner.  Yes he's another reptilian vampire sort.  In this scene I blinded myself with her cellphone.  Flash is very bad for photosensitive eyes.   

I might be very slow in getting art out this month as I have a rather large commission I'm excitedly working on.
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Wow is the person on the left okay? And the artwork looks amazing as usual

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Ahh thank you. :D

He's healing currently in the RP and will be fine physically. Mentally though... he has all kinds of trauma he'll have to work threw from this. On top of crashing on a planet that doesn't even have the right alloys to fix what's wrong with his ship, after getting blinded he felt super helpless about his whole situation. And particularly bad about having to let the human out of stasis to assist him around the ship while he's healing.

Not because she was a woman, but because in his eyes she is a lesser race to him. When he first crashed he even ate a couple people. He pretty much saw her as a pet/fun hobby to study before he started poking around with her cellphone and laptop and learnt some human speak.

In his culture woman are the stronger taller ones and they do the same kind of stuff men do here. So he was feeling that if anyone found out he had a woman, not of his own kind assist him to and be in his sleeping chamber that he'd be ostracized as a freaky whore and not be allowed back in the running for a good queen.

He's going threw a lot of self doubt right now and coming to the realization that he's probably stuck on Earth for the rest of his life. Being bested by a human device because of his curiosity and not taking proper precautions before messing with it is also really got him down. "What was I thinking" sort of thing. "These monkeys are obsessed with shiny bright things."

It's been a fun rp for sure. :)

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This is interesting story behind it I guess things got out of hand for him it's better to have someone than to have no one! He eat humans? Doesn't he know what weird foods we eat? XD

Whos the woman helping him? Is her name not important

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Ya when he first crashed he was in survival mode and had a snacksident. There wasn't any large game in the area and needed more than a rabbit of meat a day.

Her name is Rosanna, she discovered him taking shelter in her basement during the day. Before she moved in he was using her property as a base away from the ship to further explore the bright strange world he crashed on.

We both kind of panicked when we saw each other. Since he's an ambush hunter of sorts being discovered by something else didn't sit right with him so he was going to bolt but she was directly in-front of the stairs.

I wasn't hungry when we met so I scooped her up like a football to have for later and took off to the a joining woods. The little monkey wouldn't stop talking ever since. ;D

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rosanna is cute name & my goodness i can see those to yelling at each other when they first see each other in creepy & yet funny scene at level but it's your story

yep that's what happen you pick a female Human .... ask are men about it XD but i've never had a boyfriend so i wouldn't know...

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I've had a few on both sides.

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both sides? i'm little lost their could you be little bit clear about it?

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Male & Female "boyfriends".

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you could make some trailblazing Horror/SF-crossing male roles

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