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As an artist that enjoys experimenting with many styles of art, it was difficult for me to decide which one I should go with for this challenge.  In the end I went with traditional inks. 

Around the webbed victim is all the kinds of art, and themes I enjoy drawing most.  The egg sack represents me being a mother and nurturing the ideas in my head I have yet to explore. :)  I made the web come out of my fingers because that's the one thing all my art has in common.  Being formed by my hands.    
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Wow she looks so cool <33

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Thank-you. Did DA ever say when they're going to show the winner's of this contest? I forget where to look for the rules. If anyone knows where I'd look for that info I'd be grateful.

(Edited a few moments later)

NM I found it. The winners were all digital based. Odd they never specified that they were looking for digital and still choose all digital entries. Maybe I missed that part of the contest? I dunno. lol. Still love this image though.

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You have a nice style. 80's D&D was like this when I was a girl in the 80's. Macabre, atmospheric, surreal. Now it's so corporate and so safe it hurts. :(

The new game arc we're doing is called 'Kiss of the Spider Woman' :)

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Oh thank you. It's still somewhat in development for me. I keep seeing little things I could change so I never feel like I'm done with anything and it's frustrating.

Oh that sounds like a fun game!

That reminds me of an old school 50s B movie. (I like them I know it's weird for a kid in the 80s supposedly) I think it's literally called that. They put like an 80s version in the search bar but I could have swore there was a 1950s version, Maybe even 30s. Also in the 90s a musical...very odd to me but that's the 90s kids to the 80s kids for you. Regardless I can't find physical versions of any of them. One day at a yard sale who knows. I hold out hope to watch it one day.

I love the woman's makeup in the photos I've seen and she looks kind of Vulcan to me.

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Why the sudden bombing? Afraid you'll lose? *devil face*

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"Maternity is a blessing"

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When it's wanted.

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What is her name?

:blush: remake

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It's in the tittle. XD

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Interesting name.


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she's very beautiful

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Great work! Shes absolutely gorgeous!



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i would banish all classic supermodel hairstyles

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