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1000 Watchers Giveaway!

2020 has been some year. I was awesomely able to hit another milestone during this crazy time.  I want to celebrate by thanking all my watchers and reward them with this chance to win a Full color, Single Character, Simple bg "Commission"!

:happybounce:  The Giveaway! :happybounce: 

All you need to do to be eligible for this giveaway is be a watcher and +fav /comment on this deviation with what you'd like as your commission if you win.  I'll be Leaving this open until December 1st 2020 to give people enough time to see it and put in their requests.  I'll assign your comment with a number then put em' in a random number generator on the due date.

*  Only one person's idea will be chosen and their prize will be posted sometime in December, likely close to Christmas. :) 

*  If you don't win this time around there will be another opportunity to win at 2500 Watchers. :3

Here's what the winner got from this round:
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snoogaloo's avatar

guess i'll happily be one of the 2500 watchers sometime soon! :squee:

8Nephila8's avatar

Who knows. Hard to say if I'll ever upload anything again. Unless you're me. (I know you're not me)

snoogaloo's avatar

nope i'm not you, but i could wish to be you. :D lol

i hope you're doing well! :huggle:

8Nephila8's avatar

Aww. Really? Why? I mean I'm just chillin in my basement.

snoogaloo's avatar

Because I always wish nice things to happen to people who are nice to me. :)

8Nephila8's avatar

Well that does make sense if I could ever count on human loyalty, but I'll probably grant it anyway. . . What's the worse that could happen. >:)

snoogaloo's avatar

Only nice things will happen I promise. :)

8Nephila8's avatar

Indeed. Very NICE things. >:(

^((>My RP state has nothing to do with you or anyone else that reads them I just like to type stories to myself here<))^

How odd to say. Her daggers are always hidden yet very obvious to those in the know.

She is of Tooth and Nail. . .AND SOME TITS ADD ON SOME TITS! . . . And SCALES. (Booooo!)

Fine boys have the FUCKING WITCH tits... but just know her kind might not and she doesn't like being interrupted by any kind of COW FOOD. What even is cow food?

"And this is all just a half baked illusion | a Grander plan | Pfft whatever." Her eyes look pretty daggery to me tbh. . . "I mean spade cut like a diamond saw axe blade of many colours." And she had a cloak at the beginning of the comic book. Come on. lol.

Yup a good girl doing... WHAT? Well whatever it is she does for her planet. NATURALLY. (Anyone seen this fucking snake in the dark yet? You know the hearts glow | to see scales CHANGE if not you've made a huge error in my ideas about myself. And my people.)

What does she do? "Anyone ask?" /spoilers! Boys you've all been warned. . . have the girls also been warned the same? If not... UH OH! (And Vice Verse)

Don't mourn what you BOTH have. Vise|Verse. Unless it's stolen to soon. Or not true. . .

If neither is found they will eat the pain remorselessly.


Then the meat eaters get to play their hand in the book of life . . . And I hear Cannibalism is very unfavorable on Earth these days. But you little monkeys asked for it. And I'm NOT human so what care I for those particular sets of rules anyway. lol. Now now Cave Woman just hush a little... HUSH A LITTLE...

Why Yesss, I DO love man meat >:D< You've all convinced me of my evil ways.

It a manor of speaking. (If it dresses nice for us and cooks it perhaps we'll do the same to study odd/rare human habits but . . .What should I in the "mean time"? ) Think of it yourself. Yas Queen. OH NO YOU DON'T!

> See you soon. "DethSpider=|=Drug fiend"(which|one) . . . < (Said No-one EVER) Ooo sticky situation that one. She's a queen spider in a snake skin dancing on a Sushi role in her Pajamas on a Moonday with no tunes . . . except that's wrong it's Sunday still. ((The house wins guessing games by default it's in her mind))

"She's one crazy B/Cat from outer space..she's what? From where? OH FUCK I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE I'M FROM RUN!!"

LOL!!!!!! RU SIRIUS?! Well no. Not exactly. . . We just like to watch it. (Movies? What are those... How interesting.)

We waited for it to hatch further. (to harvest or scam?) ((most likely both fuck egg eaters))

I know Monkeys aren't that dumb. :devilish: Curiosity remains on the other "Cat". . .

Who' the dumb Monkey still going to a Cannibal Picnic with no mask on?

(I think I like that one. . .actually, like a "friend")

((Ignore beyond this point.))

son-of-clan-Ross's avatar

I hope I'm not too late to join, I'd love an image of my character Hel

BulletsandWords's avatar

Nice work. She is inspired by Hella of Norse mythology?

son-of-clan-Ross's avatar

that's who she is, though in mythology it's Hel, not Hella, that's only in marvel

8Nephila8's avatar

Might as well since only one other wrote their request on time. Your ticket number is #2 I love goddesses. :3 I'll ask the other commenters what if anything they'd like too.

son-of-clan-Ross's avatar

awesome, thank you very much

BulletsandWords's avatar

I would like something of one of my original characters, the Green Coats.

8Nephila8's avatar

You ticket number is #1. :3 You'll have to tell me more detail if you win.

Cartoonfan402's avatar
8Nephila8's avatar

Your ticket number is #4

Cartoonfan402's avatar

Do I win anything or...

8Nephila8's avatar

The art winner was ticket #2 I posted the announcement as a status update over here:

Thank you for taking the time to congratulate me. <3

8Nephila8's avatar
Batsimba's avatar
8Nephila8's avatar

Your ticket is number #3

8Nephila8's avatar

Thank you. :3

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