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Stamp: Commission - Exploiting Hardships
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Published: December 5, 2012
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Taking advantage of someone's low points in life (such as a friend's/family member's death for example) as an opportunity for you to convert them to your religion is incredibly insensitive, underhanded and just plain wrong. If you have to resort to tactics like that to change someone's mind, that sure says a lot about you and your position!

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AmeliaAmandaHobbyist Digital Artist
Once someone tried to use my mother’s death to convert my family to Christianity. Just no.
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like how Christians are now exploiting hurricane Harvey and saying they deserved it....

oh wait, that's sjw's saying they deserved it for voting Trump.  XD  my bad!
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I've literally have had Christians try and tell me my depression was the result of my Atheism... Oh yeah I'm soooo depressed cause I don't believe in your magical sky daddy! It's not at all because of my actual problems such as the death of my family, my terminally Ill dog, my chronic anxiety, etc. No not at all! It's totally cause I don't have gawd... And Christians wonder why Atheists are often so salty towards them, I think you'd be hard pressed to find an Atheist that hasn't had to deal with some bullshit like this v.v
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Wow, you have the same problems I do. So not kidding. And, what you said here is very true.
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dwarFFireworksHobbyist General Artist
I honestly hate whenever someone blames you for something you had no control over. I feel like when a Christian is depressed, they would just say that God is just testing their faith, and when an atheist is depressed, they say it was their fault for being an atheist, even though as Christians you are supposed to help people in times of distress, not blame them. Sorry to hear about your situation, I hope it gets better.
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Oh man as an atheist, I know the feeling... I got it a lot when I was really depressed over my Dad's death (and two uncles as well which died just weeks later), Christians literally were saying it was my fathers fault he died and that he's in hell because he was an atheist... Like- some Chistians actually believe that atheists have no morals nor feelings... It's fucking horrible. But thanks.
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MetellaStellaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think you're mis-assigning reasoning here. 

People find refuge, hope, healing, and comfort in God, or if God does not exist, in the idea of God. They want to share that relief with people, much as you would want to bind up someone's physical wound. Painting "tactical" decisions into it is plain incorrect at best intentionally disingenuous at worst.
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AvelineBurkhartHobbyist General Artist
My pastor does this. I know he means well, but it's kind of gross. If that person is ready after a tragic event and wants to learn about Christ, you should ask for their permission. Don't do it to soon. The only bad thing I see with this, is I know several people who went though something tragic and was about to commit suicide, and my pastor converting them gave them a reason to live. However, doing this to someone who doesn't want to hear it can also feel as if their emotions are being played with and make them depressed. I really don't know how to feel about this kind of situation. onion sad 
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ToxicKriegHobbyist Digital Artist
I lived with someone who tried to convert me to Christianity because of my past misfortunes :|
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I have that happening to me all the time too.
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ToxicKriegHobbyist Digital Artist
It sucks and its obnoxious x(  lol
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TyrantRainfireHobbyist General Artist
I dislike how people do that..I'll never do it.
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ToastyBrainHobbyist Digital Artist
My fucking parents do this to my older sister because she stopped with the whole god stuff, an she's had it rough the past few years. She's been getting her life back on track, though, because she's actually getting her priorities in order, not because she's believing in god again, which I doubt she is anyway, one thing we have in common.
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I agree. This is just preying on people at their most vulnerable moments.
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IdontknowwhoyouknowHobbyist General Artist
One should believe in a religion because he/she wants to, not because he/she is being exploited.
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Spencer-TheAMVmakerHobbyist Artist
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EtianyxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yup, like those missionaries I'm hearing about.
Being honest, they should send FOOD, not a book full of words.

It is putrid, indeed.
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TyrantRainfireHobbyist General Artist
I don't think you understand this.

Missionaries do not actually force people. People can choose.
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