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Map of Veritae
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Published: February 6, 2017
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A map for an original world that I use for RP-ing. 
Scroll down for extensive world info! Note me if you want to RP!

I am writing the official canon RP as a story. Stay tuned.

Or note me if you want to start an individual RP via Google Docs!

Light grey- Ristvak/Neutral lands, disputed

Light red- Arkaria/neutral lands, disputed

Uncolored- neutral lands

Only major cities are depicted here. You guys can all come up with names for minor villages and the like. 

The disputed lands with Ristvak are due to Ristvak attempting to expand, while the neutral lands are resisting, usually with the help of Arkaria.

The disputed lands of Arkaria are neutral villages/towns that claim themselves to be Arkaria-loyal/aligned. Some see themselves as Arkarians despite being outside Arkarian borders.

Most of the space around Porthcaul is grasslands.

Aeste has a natural border of the mountains. The forests below them, however, could be seen as almost a disputed territory of Aeste. Rivendale, for example.

Cae’bril is the most ‘urbanlike’ kingdom and is the most densely populated within its border walls.

Scale is in the bottom left corner.

A healthy person traveling alone, stopping only for breaks and getting 6 hours of sleep, with two hours allotted for camping and meals, walking at a comfortable but brisk 3.5 miles per hour, can walk 16x3.5=56 miles per day, maximum. But this is a very rigorous pace to sustain over a long period of time. So, a rough estimate of 40 miles per day is a bit more reasonable for a general party.

Comment with questions if you have any!



It is said that Ichor is the blood of the gods. But since then it has been discovered that Ichor is the lifeblood of the whole world as we know it. Regardless of race, regardless of being, Ichor flows through every one of us. The ancestors long before had discovered this truth from the gods and named their land in honor and in thanks, Veritae.

Ichor is a strange substance, often taking form of glowing gold tendrils. It can be given willingly, but can be also taken. Every being consumes it for life, in addition to food and water. All living things are born with a certain amount of it, which determines their lifespan, but it has been found that stones, especially precious stones, can and may naturally hold vast amounts of Ichor as well. Like any force, Ichor can be manipulated with a strong will to do amazing things, and has been revered greatly throughout the lands for its wonder and power. But like any force, it can also be used in malevolent ways, which history has tried its best to block out.

Four Sources of Ichor have been discovered, each being harbored in each kingdom of Veritae. It is the responsibility of the ruler(s) to distribute Ichor as needed for their lands to prosper.

However, Veritae is falling into turmoil.

Here are the kingdoms and other major locations and entities of note in the land of Veritae.

Arkaria Formerly the most influential kingdom, it has now been thrown into the strongest disarray. Arkaria is a kingdom to the east, of powerful warriors and mages whose values are centered on honor and loyalty, and was once in a peaceful alliance with Cae'bril. A mere year ago, its Source was stolen, and the righteous and beloved princess-queen fell into a coma. Since then, its next-in-line prince has been deposed by a band of rebels that have overthrown the royal family and now rule. To the rebel leader's fury, the Source still has not been located to this day, and he searches tirelessly to find it. The Arkarian Arena Trials, an event held every quarter year in which fighters from all over Veritae come to battle for a prize of a vast amount of Ichor, has been degraded since the overthrow. The Trials, once a place to prove one's courage and honor, are now a vile place of often-unnecessary bloodshed.

Aesteshire The kingdom to the north who is isolated from the other kingdoms by the Icié mountain range, and whose capital, the Acropolis, lies deep in the forests behind those mountains. A place of mystery and wonder, the isolated natural wonders find their haven here. Dragons and other teetering endangered species can be found in their greatest number here, and are ruled by a council of leaders headed by a single ruler, who wish to remain isolated and neutral from the other kingdoms as much as possible in order to ensure the survival of their inhabitants. Despite the long and arduous journey to go there, traders often attempt the trip to Aesteshire, as they are abundant in natural resources and have a range of rare material not found in other kingdoms. However, the peace there is strained, as refugees are also beginning turn to Aesteshire as a place of safety.

Ristvak This shadier kingdom to the south seems to be the hub of many of the darker dealings of Veritae due to its few laws and regulations, and the king, though ruthless, powerful and forever scheming, seems to like it that way. However, within the past month, the king has decreed that Ristvak's vast quarries and mines be reopened, and that the Ichor tax on all of its citizens be raised. Although not confirmed, rumors abound that perhaps Ristvak's Source has gone missing as well. In addition, the already few dragons that live in Ristvakian territories are beginning to disappear one by one.

Cae'bril The kingdom to the west is backed by the sea and is the smallest, most stable, and arguably the most prosperous of the four kingdoms. It is known as the kingdom of artisans, as it is home to many inventors, craftsmen, sorcerers, and others who are wholly devoted to their craft. Cae'bril is ruled by two twin brothers who are so in tune with each other that they are almost of one mind. They guard the Source of Cae'bril, a sentient plant known simply as the Lotus. The two kings are known to possess great and unexplained knowledge, and are rumored to be immortal. They are both benevolent, generous, and are generally pacifists, but their position is becoming more precarious as they have somehow come across the knowledge that Ristvak is planning to invade them. As of recently, refugees from the other kingdoms have been flooding Cae'bril, seeking refuge and answers. The two kings do not acknowledge the legitimacy of the rebel leaders of Arkaria and have withdrawn their alliance in consequence.

Porthcaul An unofficial 'kingdom' that is actually more of a large city. Located in neutral territory in the middle of the four kingdoms, it is the trade capital of Veritae and therefore vital to all four of the kingdoms. Ruled by an oligarchy, they work to regulate the Ichor transactions here as there is no Source to draw from. However, without a Source to fuel the oligarchy's power and authority, the place is almost as lawless as Ristvak.

Desolation A dead forest completely devoid of life and Ichor, located in the northeast between Arkaria and Aesteshire, and rumored to be the setting of a kingdom long dead and past, a kingdom that misused its Source and was therefore destroyed by the gods themselves. It has been reported that simply being in the forest can drain Ichor from a being. However, there is an urban legend that the existence of Desolation and its effects only exist to guard a haven of abundant Ichor. Many have ventured here and died in the process chasing this legend, which none have confirmed to be true.

The Treasure Lamp A small yet profitable business whose base lies in Porthcaul. A shop of wonders, known to sell rare artifacts and items. But its true nature lies in its shadier dealings, taking requests and carrying them out to the letter, for a hefty sum, of course. It is run by ten mysterious masked individuals, all known to have a powerful will over Ichor and are not ones to be trifled with.

The Hadrac A desert in the southwest, neutral territory separated from Cae'bril and the ocean by the Tevran mountain range. The desert nomads claim neutrality to the four kingdoms, but are often viewed as accomplices to Ristvak. They have their own cryptic society and subsist by trading Ichor-filled materials mined from the mountains, mostly with Ristvak, their closest neighbor.


Veritae is a place of beauty and power. But in this precious state, one can only wonder where fate will let the chips fall. But no matter what the outcome, Veritae will always be a place of Ichor.

Ichor is: Power. Magic. Wealth. Electricity. Life.

The fabric of our world.


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