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My Love ❤️@CantankerousAvian❤️

Hello, I go by Eight! I’m studying Games Design & Development in University and teaching myself art in the process.

I’m working on several projects from comics to video games. So, if it seems like I’ve vanished, it’s probably because I’m very busy on one of these.

If you have any work enquires for game project or art, I do prefer you contact via twitter or discord, I mainly use deviant art to dump all my work here.

Currently working on:

  • Yet Rounder

  • Food Out!

  • Larder Than Life Heroes

  • Cornucorpia

Please avoid noting me for:

  • Free work (I already do all I can with raffles)

  • Asking to RP (I do not)

  • Requests

You can note me for:

  • Talking / Making Friends

  • Questions

  • Trades / Collabs

The best place to contact me is on twitter, especially for work enquiries!

Favourite Movies
Promare, Any Horror Move (Even the really bad Netflix ones)
Favourite TV Shows
My Hero Academia, Studio Trigger Shows, The Office (US)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
MAN WITH A MISSION, CrazyEightyEight, Any Metal Music Really
Favourite Games
Guilty Gear, Other Fighting Games, Horror Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC & Switch
Tools of the Trade
Some Huion thing
Where have I been? I have mostly been focusing on University and Placement work. Though I can now officially say I've completed my final year of University! Five Nights With Fatties: A Second Course Starting off, I apologize with the big delay this game has received. In a normal development situation It'd of been my primary focus, however the delays we've faced with the minigame assets pushed it too far with my University work period, so I wasn't able to deliver as fast as I could. But, I do hope you all enjoy the game the same! The release date is now scheduled for this month! Why not release it now? Well we're in closed bug testing between a select few people. Gradually, we'll move the release build to our Patreons which will give us a bigger audience to help tackle any bugs we've missed. As soon as Patreons have had their time with the game, it'll be published publicly on our Itch page. Here are some bonus images! Our growing cast of girls can't wait to scare you! Five
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Hey all, go check out my GF's DA! She'll be assisting with the Larder Than Life Comic Series :D Thank you for the amazing work so far @CantankerousAvian
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In December, looking to do some art trades to warm back into stuff after the big project! Anyone interested in a trade? Send me a note! Cant promise i can do one with everyone, but i will do a couple :D
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