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Hiking with my best buddy

By 8BitAmy
I really like last week'a episode. Yay gilda's back! Gilda (haha) plz 

inspired by this

EDIT: gUYS CALM DOWN, THIER CHEEKS ARE RED BECAUSE ITS COLD MKAY. (there will be no pinkiedash at MY house.)

....Jk, you kids have fun
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Seriously, I love this pic. It looks like a screenshot from a show or movie. It really looks like they're going to move
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Omg, i love PinkieDash<3
This is an awesome draw;; so beautiful.
You're amazing.
Thanks for this.
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Also I like this episode ah
xXCloudie-SkiesXx's avatar
It kinda looks like Pinkies high
8BitAmy's avatar
hahahah it really does
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PinkieDash is one of my favorite ships, they are just to cute! 
fxck-shxt's avatar
I feel the same way, dude. <3
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Um... wow!
I really love the look of this! Amazing work!
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Awesome, but I don't know what is best: smile of Pinkey or wry face of RD :P
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Omg this drawing is seriously awesome :D
Lol great job :)
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*is in the bushes*

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Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz Es increible! 
8BitAmy's avatar
Rosewood-Blaze's avatar
No problem, you deserve it! Oh, and I really enjoyed the "Brother Bear" reference in your picture of Rainbow and Scoots, that was the coolest! :-)
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"(there will be no pinkiedash at MY house.)"

oh really you'll crack soon. SOON
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"You smell like vanila." XD

Why are those two doing such a good pair ?
Awesome art, I love the facial expressions.
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Dear Celestia, I swear this is the greatest MLP art I have ever seen. I don't know why, but this art style is just beyond perfection to me. Please tell me that you take commissions. I wish I could do an art trade or something, but as you can see from my DA, I'm not even close to your level of skill.
8BitAmy's avatar
Wow! Thank you so much! Yes I take commissions ;)
BoopStormy's avatar
Do you have a commission guide? xP I never request commissions, but I absolutely love this and I would die for my OC to be done in this art style. <3
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Why Does Pinkie look like chris and rainbow dash looks like ashly (There From Until Dawn)
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