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Study from photo.
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impressive work!

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The splashing wave is amazing.
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Yep. This. This is exactly what comes to mind when hearing any given Polish sentence.
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Very nice work! +fav 
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Fantastic work!
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great study!! :D (Big Grin) 
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Lake? I'm asking because I thought this was at sea. You don't usually get that much energy into waves in a lake in a U-shaped valley like that. (and yes I'm questioning the hash tag rather than criticising the water surface)
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You're right - usually! However, check out the project Dave Sanford did photographing the waves of Lake Erie!! They are terrifying.…
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Thanks for that; those shots are quite stunning. I am normally aware that the "Great Lakes" (and I suspect the Black and Caspian Seas (Black Sea included because of the Dardanelles)) can be that rough.

I'd seen the "far shore" in the study, and thought the original subject was somewhere like the English Lake District, Norway or Scotland though.

Perhaps 88grzes would care to comment further?
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👍 you seem to be everythere :)
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I absolutely love how you did the water. Nice job!
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One word of advice - yachts have a forestay (attached from the top of the mast to the bow). So it looks slightly off without one. (However junk-rigged ships do not have one) :) 
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Amazing drawing! 
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