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Another Knight study :P
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This is Tom Hiddleston from Hollow Crown, as Henry V.

Absolutely brilliant work.

Love this style.

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His eyes and his mouth seems a bit similar to Karl Urban's - to Eomer's. And the rest is a bit like the face of Loki's actor - Tom Hiddleston or whats his name? :) But I'm not complaining :D
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Brilliant, it drew me in from another page.
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Beautiful studies man ! :)
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your management of lighting balance is amazing
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This looks awesome, what program did you use? Any tips on how to paint?
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Amazing art, is the image based on a real life person? 
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It is a study aka rendering a scene or someone else's image
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OK, so is this an actor or celebrity? 
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I think it's Tom Hiddleston from a scene of Hollow Crown alessiapelonzi.files.wordpress…
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Hey you're right, thanks for telling me that. :)
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I have detected Tom Hiddleston. 
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your subtleties are masterful. 
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What a lovely blush!
TabarakM's avatar!! *0*
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This is a most intriguing and wonderful, it!💖💙💖
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Ah, this is beautiful and so full of life. I love seeing strokes in traditional work, and this transfers so well in this digital piece. It makes me wish I could get as close as possible in real life and witness its beauty and structure, seeing how little pieces make the larger structure. I guess zooming will do, hahah! Just curious but, is your study perchance from the Hollow Crown Series, with Tom Hiddleston? Even if not, it is a great adaption of Shakespeare's work full of great things to study and capture.
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wonderful work....really nice.
I'd love to see your work with some far bolder colors too.
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Usually with digital art the skin looks plastic, so this is a refreshing change in technique. He looks gallant but tired. Very effective use of back lighting. How long did this take?
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