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Secret Pass - Eagle Nest

By 88grzes
This is a continuation of my earlier artwork: 

Secret Pass by 88grzes

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© 2017 - 2021 88grzes
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Very nice perspective! :D
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This is so sick! Awesome!
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Your Battlemage character likes to get into precarious situations a lot, doesn't she? xD 
Your art is a sight to behold. 
Where's the dragon tho? xD 
IvyKesner's avatar
Gaaah this is amazing. <3
Kaitimar's avatar
Fantastic! I will take broad strokes and rough patches of just enough information over over-polished smear-job any day.
I wish I knew when to stop...
TheWarOfTheRing's avatar
I was blown away as soon as I saw this. Absolutely stunning! Something about the perspective is just so incredible.
they´re so fucked 
Geoffryn's avatar
Not if that wizard knows what he's doing!
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Wow! I'm so amazed. Your technique makes it look like an old oil painting and it makes the image so much more interesting. Loving it! You have yourself a new fan here
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Great, I love it !
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Yeah, magic the gathering!!! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 
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this is the definition of epic fantasy
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Best not to fuck with Eagles and their nests ... obviously. Wonderful painting ... well done!
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So amazing, great art! 
Ode-Lumeria's avatar
I'm new to deviant art and am an absolute fantasy nerd!! Your arts just captured my heart! and my imagination!! 
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The time when The Eagles did NOT save someone in Middle Earth.
B-G-C-Art's avatar
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Oh I am sure 8 other people have made the same joke. But thank you for laughing.
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