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Rootbound Crag - Magic the Gathering

Illustration done for Magic the Gathering.
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Hey it's Chult, and the King of Feathers.
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Kinda reminds me of ARK: Survival
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I've heard about the card game but I don't know what the dinosaur called :)
Sh3dd1ng-Arm0ur's avatar
That thing must be absolutely huge!OoO
MrMattyCue's avatar
Makes me want the card, and I don't even play!
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Amazing work :D
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darn, this look so cool! I wish I can draw like this sooner
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Interesting how Magic is embracing feathered dinosaurs more than the Jurassic Park and other dinosaur related franchises.

Was that a specific request from the developers?
Inmyarmsinmyarms's avatar
Its mostly for solar motifs rather than accuracy.
TurningOverANewWord's avatar
Science Called. T-Rex didn't have feathers. Jury is still out on the Velociraptors.…
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actually the scales are from places that you expect it to be found (feet and underbelly) and the rest so far is bare skin - mostly likely due to feathers. 
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Nah, it's definitely the DodoRex. :)
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Jury's not still out on Velociraptors, and read the whole study on T. rex rather than a second hand amateur news report:

"Combined with evidence from other tyrannosaurids, the integument of HMNS 2006.1743.01 provides compelling evidence of an entirely squamous covering in Tyrannosaurus. Integument in Albertosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus collectively covers parts of the neck, abdomen, hips and tail, suggesting that most (if not all) large-bodied tyrannosaurids were scaly and, if partly feathered, these were limited to the dorsum."
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Actually the jury is still out on the amount of T.rex ( not T-Rex ) feathers.  Velociraptor having feathers is a fact:… ( Notice the further links )
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Though imagine an all poofy and feathery TRex. :D I think that would have been pretty awesome. Less epic than what we're used to, but still awesome.
TurningOverANewWord's avatar
I don't care how hard they try. FEATHERS AREN'T SCARY!
drachenmagier's avatar
You obviously never had an angry emu charge you. Those look all fluffy and cute, till they get angry. O-o Never again. *shudders*
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Might still have feathers, just not completely. Jury is still out on that.
what a noble giant Turkey 
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