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Hey there!

Thank You all for the birthday wishes! I haven't time and opportunity to thank You all, I really appreciate this! :))
Here's some practice piece I did after work.

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I know like 5 people have asked this already, but can I use this for a TCG I'm creating?

This image is copyrighted? Can be used to illustrate the article about the Orc race in a homebrew campaign, which will be made available online (in non comercial work)?

By the way, nice work.

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Nice! Well done!
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mmm Big daddy Orc. Well done!
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I'm putting together a homebrew document for D&D about orcs. Would it be possible for me to use this piece for it?
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Fine FINE subtle lighting in this! Really like the areas of texture you worked in as well, of his cloak, the stubble on his chin. GREAT PIECE!
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love the lighting and scrathyness!
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This piece is awesome :3
Do you mind if I use this in my voice acting demo reel video?
I'll drop you a link here once it's done, and give you credit for it in the description! :)
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Wow, this is amazing!
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"Oi! Boyo, listen here...."
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Oh man that's some depth I love the dark palate and the grungy atmosphere. He's got a sombre attitude. It gives him the grizzled aspect of an old warrior rather than the exuberant attitude of a younger one. He looks very worldly wise.
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Świetnie zrobiona praca. Zazdroszczę talentu i umiejętności. Co było inspiracją?
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Really good! One day, I will draw like you.
But first, I need to eat a cookie.
Anyway, I like your works! ♥
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Texture is amazing!
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Did you mean "veteran" in the title?
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Yes I did :D Thanks for that!
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You're welcome. :)
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nice, love his expression. Guy has seen some shit.
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Wow - lots of character.
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Technicznie Panie Grzegorzu  to mistrzostwo świata !!!Nie mogę się napatrzeć .Concept jest fajowski 
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