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Level Up Demo

By 88grzes
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Hi there!

Here's a continuation of Level Up session I did in last Sunday.


I spent around 4-5 hours making this illustration (including Level Up session). I didn't use any photos or photo-textures, only textured brushes. All made in Photoshop CS5.

Here's a link to the part 2:



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Beautiful! Please let us know if and when Wizards of the Coast greenlights this kind of eyecandy for Magic the Gathering cards again. Meanwhile, your Nikara art is killing it, regardless of any restrictions that may be in place. Please keep up the amazing work you do!

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Fun art piece and great vids too!
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I just watched the first part via Level Up Group, and to see the end result... Man, this is absolutely ZAJEBISTE! :D 
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I really love how you frame characters. Awesome! (:
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Wow excellent work on all posted pics, the level of artwork here is excellent!
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You are Amazing
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Beautifully designed composition!
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Amazing work!
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Piękny rysunek :D
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She's got some impressive hips.
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Amazing work!!
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I generally like your work - but I've some issues with this one.
On some points I can't lay my finger. As for example the way she walks. It looks (from the way her hip sways and the overall posture) as if she is walking on high heels. Not an issue per se but it seems oddly unfitting for a walk in roots, stones and high grass.
That might be personal preference (I like to see more natural poses), but two other points really nag mee in this one:
1. she carries her blade in the left hand, and as she sems to be expecting some kind of trouble (why else would she carry the blade open and not in the scabbard?) she would be left handed. So her sword shead had to be on the right hip (you can't pull a sword lefthanded from a left-side-scabbard). Even compositionwise it would in no way lessen the picture.
Second point: The way she carries the sword on her shoulder (or rather - the back of her neck, as it touches neither shoulder). try to carry a blade this size in this fashion - it simply does not work for more than a few paces, as it becomes increasingly strenuous.

Sorry to sound so negative on this one, I really like your work and the overall look of this piece, but the gal oddly doesn't live up to your usual level of perfection. ;)
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Kapitalne, wygląda jak prawdziwy obraz. Dziewczyna do "schrupania" ;)
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Great depth. Looking forward to checking out the video.
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Idealna kompozycja,świtne cienie, światło i zaznaczenie planów.rewelacja!!!!!!!!!! :)
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Fantastic picture, very beautiful. Wonderful style and colours, nicely done!
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Awesome work! Her outfit looks great. So much detail and the leather really looks like leather =) Not to mention the environment which seems to be alive.
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It's Bridgestone or nothing.
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She kinda looks like Astrid in Hiccup's clothes. sweeeeeet.
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On the way to battle.
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