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Next piece for Seafight game.

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Powerful image.  All the ferocity and finality of the situation gets right through.  Thanks. 
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wolfs rain cheza gif I would save him ... He wouldnt have to die. I did a lot of thinking after this picture- great one, I dont mind there s an axe and guillotine at the same time- he s a strong and dangerous man, its obvious he wouldnt die too many times, so they try to keep him dead this time...I just mind he would die, I would not allowed that...
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Can anybody torture a beautiful anime girl such a way ?


if you can. So show me who that girl you would torture her

the guillotine can be a torture tool not just execution tool
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How can one feel at this very moment ? How would I react ? Once beheaded, the head continues to live and think during a few moments... Amazing work.
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Ever see the movie Apocalypto?
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No, not yet but I will look it up.
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But the guillotine's blade is not clean.
He will get diseases... (sorry, couldn't resist.)
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Gonna get aids
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....lol Executioner be like...

"Sooo,why the F*ck am i here? The Chopper's right there.."
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Where is the pull rope?
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It works by Magiiiic~

Also the excutioner's axe is WAY too cool looking for simple things like cutting puny ROPE è 3 é
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Why does the executioner have an axe and nooses when he uses a guillotine? 
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When Peter The Great ordered the mass executions of the conspirators who had attempted to stage a coup against him, he had multiple methods used all at once: both hangings and beheadings  at the same time.
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And when the executioners got tired or soft he did the job for them.  He HATED the Strelsik
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That is an understatement. 
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Where is the pull rope?
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did they have work out gyms back then?
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Kind of yes. Depending on the military soldiers had various types of stretches, melee routines and marches. Depending on the colcher and social status good posture was extremely important. Some more zealotus european orders had self flagellation.
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dude if the graphics are something like that, i'm downloading the game!
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