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Dragon of Icespire - Dungeons and Dragons

Hi there! 

Here's an Illustration that I did as a cover for the Dungeons&Dragons - Essentials Kit. 
I hope you like it :) 

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Great work and it reminds me of the game Skyrim. And I didn't think that an old game like D&D was still being played, as computer games are now evolving more and more. But I think it will still not be forgotten because it has a lot of different add-ons and a lot of guides. Which I recently encountered when I decided to remember the old days and play with friends. And I can say that this site helped me remember everything. Since more than 20 years have passed since the last time I played

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i loved the composition ;D

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this is amazing!

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This is awesome! :happybounce: :heart:

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Hope she has some serious protection spells up :D
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Badass illustration :iconfavbomb-plz:
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Pissing off a white dragon > <
I hope she's ready for the challenge ahah

Fantastic work!
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The dragon looks just right, not to big, being just a minor one, but still outright nasty! Love it!
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Yes. Oh is that acid javelin? 
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That scroob is gonna be kicked off the raid. 
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So cool - Dynamic piece!  Lots of great action. The detail and color effect are awesome. Excellent job!  Come take a look at my page. 
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amazing. really excellent 
It's the blue-eyes white dragon! :)
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belle illustration
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Guess negotiations are over. ;)
Seriously cool image.
very cool!
awesome picture!
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I miss the oldskool fantasty art! Thanks for keeping it alive. I'll drop u a follow <3
And some likes.

Robin vs. Wonder Woman - ft. Tracer and Pharah by pizzawithoutcheese
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Great work Bongo-cat-test 
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