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Dragon Valley

I know, another dragon bla bla... But sometimes it's fun to go back to the comfort zone just for a while :D



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Please tell me how can I buy this art for commercial use.

Thanks and best regards!

"Uh--weulp! Looks like we're a little too late to save the princess.... Say, squire, did you bring any marshmellows?"

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Reminds me of vintage Dungeons & Dragons art, love it!

Can i use this for a picture?

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Also I would love for you to teach me those skills of how you made that dragon. If your okay with that of course.

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I think this dragon photo is awesome! and what I believe is the picture is people trying to settle into a dragon's territory but a dragon is guarding the way in and who wouldn't like to have a pet dragon? if I'm wrong then please correct me.

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so what is the dragon protecting? Hatchlings? A friend? Its home? A tomb? Its treasure? Its own life?
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I really like how you paint specially the fire effect . . Would really love to see the process on how you paint. Great Work!! Very Epic!
Lothric Knights here are awesome ;D
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I must say, I stand in awe of your epic skill. That's literally all I can add, but I just had to say it!
HammerinInkminer's avatar's a great picture, and beautiful dragon images will never get old in my opinion.  keep up the good work.
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But why do I want to use the Barbecue now... mmmm

Great work !
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Well this is far from being another boring dragon. I would rather say it's epic.
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wonderful view perspective, the illumination from the fire is excellent, reflecting off of puddle, great balance 
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I love how it looks just like an oil painting.
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o3o/ I say we go around the vally of dragons and not die.
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You would never have a "what another dragon?" from me. i really really REALLY love your dragon art haha i admire you very much Greg
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Incredible! Absolutely incredible! :jawdrop:
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I love the brush look of your artworks!
It is incredible how detailed it always looks.

Do you use a special brush after doing the details to smear it a little for this look?


Greetings from Germany! ^^
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This is too much. You are too good, I don't even know where my jaw is anymore.
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