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Before the Storm


Thank You all for birthday wishes, really appreciate this! :))
Here's a personal piece I did after work.

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I can't express how cool your art is...  Such amazing brush strokes! :)  Can you tell me how long it took to make this one?
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Great texture! Doing a lot with a little.
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...dark, intriguing -- very nicely done.
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now that's a terrifying dragon
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Mindblowing. Po polsku to by było opad szczeny :)
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Hey, I just discovered your Gallery (thanks to Deviantart's facebook page) and I had to tell you that your art is absolutely amazing. I really love your technics and the way you draw things, the sceneries etc...
...keep on the good work, you're awesome ! :)

PS. I downloaded some of your art (mostly dragons ahah), juste to use them as my computer's wallpaper... gonna watch you ! :D (Thanks a lot by the way)
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I love the simplicity of the composition.
feels deep
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Beautiful job. This is a digital painting, right?
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I first thought this was realy traditionally drwan. well done!
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Thats a huge Flippin dragon! Nice atmosphere!
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Great atmosphere, really looks like an oil painting. :D
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This is super cool! I'd be interested to see how you get such a traditional look in a digital format.
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As always your work is incredible! Looking forward to seeing more of your work:D
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You used your current brush set to make this? Those skies are subtle and stellar.
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amazing work :D
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vary cool,nice job!!
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Very cool. Excellent use of a limited palette.
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Awesome, the detail in the brushstrokes made me wonder if this was a painting for a minute. xD Also great use of gray scale contrasts with a splash of color to create the scene!
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