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Hi there!

Thanks for comments and favs ;)
Here's personal piece I did in free time. I hope You'll like it
I recommend You to listen this piece. That was my main inspiration:…

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What an awsome piece, really great detail and atmosphere. Something like this I had in mind as I made my own version of a battelfield scene. I am not nearly skilled as you are, but I made one that is a good complement to your scenery. This could be somewhere near the explosion in your picture so really in the moshpit, where the fireballs land and everybody clash together for the battle ;)

The Clash
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unbelievable art, so big atmospheric feeling in your works !
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Amazing gallery, stunning works👍👍
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In my fantasy day dreams, etc., I am leading a great battle, in Hell, against Lucifer, and his minions.
Your illustrations depict, perfectly, what I envision.
I wish that I had the resources to make a motion picture, or a TV series, with your models in mind.
Paint til you faint!
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thats damn good ;)
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88grzes, you've a mind for vividness, that's for sure. 

Would it be alright if I use this image as an illustration of one of my ideas? I'm designing a world and need something that fits the concept of a 'Witch War', and this is actually very kin to it.
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Great job! Love yo art! 
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lovely. I love the siege weapons.
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Oh wow, this is absolutely fantastic!
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Fantastic scene. Great detail.
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welcome to the battlefield.
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Sooo EPICLa la la la La la la la   
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Looks like Lord of the Rings
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You got the talent, all amazing works, the best gallery I  have ever seen...
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You should make this print available for sale,awesome.
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Amazing creation
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Don't have words for it...
Seems to come from another planet...
Just amazing.....
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