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2h speedpainting

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:headbang: :stupidme::stupidme::stupidme::stupidme: :squee::squee: Great Artwork :squee::squee: :stupidme::stupidme: Amazing :stupidme::stupidme::stupidme:

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What is the brush name ???
Please help
Please help
Please help
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He's looking like he was about to decapitate someone.
Great stare and artwork! :)
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Nice! Really badass!
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Badass indeed! :D
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This is awesome. Is it alright if I use this for a character profile?
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My eyes was burned by just looking at this badass.
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oh man !!- powerfulLa la la la 
Well,that's badass
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wow this looks awesome :clap: And with no reference! :bow: :wow: it's really motivating and inspiring... THANK YOU!
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This seriously looks like my dad after we go on a Boyscout hiking trip for two days in a muddy, rainy area.
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cool brushes, props
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So with paintings like this and your profile image... this is how I imagine you. Just so you know. And I really hope you paint with an axe or a sword. ;P Awesome work as always!!
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Great drawing !
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Did you use refrence for lights and shadows ???
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Awesome! I love the textures and his look is very catching. He looks alive!
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Badass with a beard! 
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Great concept. Looking Badass indeed. ('''')
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Great expression, makes one wonder what is he looking at :)
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Would love to see this is a super-realistic pic.  Looks pretty darn good as is though.  :)
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