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Adventures in Icespire Dungeons and Dragons

Hi there! 
Here's an Illustration that I did for the Dungeons&Dragons - Essentials Kit. 
I hope you like it  
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Detail is amazing!!

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I don't have words to express how awesome this is...

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Impressive, Epic, and Superb Artwork!!! :impressed: :epic: superb Mindblowing :headbang: :clap: :clap: :clap: clap remake 1a

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Phenomenal! Each character’s details, both heroes and villains, are incredible. The transition between climates foreshadows the cold brutality of combat.

LovelyHufflePuff's avatar

This is amazing! I love how I can imagine stuff about the characters just by looking at them.

This looks like it's going to be a fun battle.Popcorn revamp2

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This is something! Really godlike piece! So much details, so big, so niiice! Amazing work!

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whoa... outstanding piece!!! :D
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This is so good!
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Laugh at the halfling... or is dat a Kender?
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When I wanna be heroic Paladin... But my party needs saucy dedicated healer
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Epic scene, masterfully done.
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This is perfect picture!
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Perfect DM screen
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I am in love with this scene and the sheer level of detail put into it. :)
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Simply beautiful.
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Simply amazing. Really sums up dungeons and dragons in one image. It makes me want to play a game.
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Reminds me of the EverQuest cover art for the first few expansions. Very cool.
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as I was scrolling down and saw this the first thing I thought was WOW. this is very amazing, the detail is crazy props to you for being able to do all this detail work. I rarely see work in this vertical way, probably because it's harder to nail which you did.
great job!
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