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Manga Studio v5 Brushes download

This "taster" set of brushes is now being withdrawn and incorporated into 2 very, very much larger sets of Manga Studio v5 brushes.
The first of those to sets can be previewed and can be downloaded from here...

Manga Studio version 5 is now out and has a brilliant new brush engine. The Manga Studio version 4 brushes that I have previously made available do not work in version 5 .

There have been nearly 6000 successful downloads of my Manga Studio brush Taster packs but now I am making the full collections available at

The sample page above shows the following brushes..

1) Dodge and Burn Brushes.. settings are particularly designed for modelling face and figures ... e.g.
2)Crash Glass ... gives you instant shattered glass e.g.
3)Tuboid gives you mechanical pipes for SciFi machinery
4) Swerve Gives a useful pattern for clothes, shields and Armour
5) Rivets... hold the shift key down and drag to draw a line of Rivets
6) Chainmail gives beads, chainmail, braided hair, belts jewelry .. I use this all the time
7) Dashes is particular;y good for drawing water..Lakes Rivers etc. e.g.
8)CityBlock ... try this for machinery or making a futuristic City... It has different effect depending if you draw up, down left or right. Amazing what you can create in just a few seconds
9)Quirky Spiky and Quirky Spray are Blenders for turning flat colored pictures into something that looks painted
10) Rain ... The rain filter that was in manga studio v4 is now gone.... no matter... you can paint rain using this brush
11)Kirby Krackle - Alien energy effect originated by the legendary Jack Kirby ... I've also used it for painting falling snow
12) Bomb2 ... just draw a few strokes away from the center of the Bang and hey presto you have a picture of an explosion !
13) Tiger - good for monsters and machines
14) Fur ... fur or Hay
15) Feathering ... there is a clockwise and counterclockwise one here. They allow you to create regular professorial feathering for muscles... e.g. the arms in this picture

The download button on this page will give you a zip file with a free RainShower brush for MS5/Clip Studio.   The angle of the rain is pre-set by the adjustable Direction setting in the Tool Property palette.   Note that if you switch off the "Spraying Effect" setting then this free brush also makes great speedlines. 
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The rain brush would be great except for the fact i cannot get the brush to change colors, it's simply stuck on black