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Manga Studio v5 Brushes download

This "taster" set of brushes is now being withdrawn and incorporated into 2 very, very much larger sets of Manga Studio v5 brushes.
The first of those to sets can be previewed and can be downloaded from here...

Manga Studio version 5 is now out and has a brilliant new brush engine. The Manga Studio version 4 brushes that I have previously made available do not work in version 5 .

There have been nearly 6000 successful downloads of my Manga Studio brush Taster packs but now I am making the full collections available at

The sample page above shows the following brushes..

1) Dodge and Burn Brushes.. settings are particularly designed for modelling face and figures ... e.g.
2)Crash Glass ... gives you instant shattered glass e.g.
3)Tuboid gives you mechanical pipes for SciFi machinery
4) Swerve Gives a useful pattern for clothes, shields and Armour
5) Rivets... hold the shift key down and drag to draw a line of Rivets
6) Chainmail gives beads, chainmail, braided hair, belts jewelry .. I use this all the time
7) Dashes is particular;y good for drawing water..Lakes Rivers etc. e.g.
8)CityBlock ... try this for machinery or making a futuristic City... It has different effect depending if you draw up, down left or right. Amazing what you can create in just a few seconds
9)Quirky Spiky and Quirky Spray are Blenders for turning flat colored pictures into something that looks painted
10) Rain ... The rain filter that was in manga studio v4 is now gone.... no matter... you can paint rain using this brush
11)Kirby Krackle - Alien energy effect originated by the legendary Jack Kirby ... I've also used it for painting falling snow
12) Bomb2 ... just draw a few strokes away from the center of the Bang and hey presto you have a picture of an explosion !
13) Tiger - good for monsters and machines
14) Fur ... fur or Hay
15) Feathering ... there is a clockwise and counterclockwise one here. They allow you to create regular professorial feathering for muscles... e.g. the arms in this picture

The download button on this page will give you a zip file with a free RainShower brush for MS5/Clip Studio.   The angle of the rain is pre-set by the adjustable Direction setting in the Tool Property palette.   Note that if you switch off the "Spraying Effect" setting then this free brush also makes great speedlines. 
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The rain brush would be great except for the fact i cannot get the brush to change colors, it's simply stuck on black
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Oh My Geek I have been skimming through these and they are bloody amazing!  I love the explosion one
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Hey, thanks for the tools but every time I download, the only brush to show up is the rain one.
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Thats right, The Rain brush is free but the others are part of a very large set of MS5 professional brushes for which there is a small charge.  It does say that !  If you don't want to purchase them but would like the Dodge and Burn tools I do describe  below on this page how to create them yourself, and I hope that these examples also serve to encourage people to see what they could make for themselves in Manga Studio
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Woops, didn't see that part   lol my bad. Thanks for replying
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Hey, quick question! I bought the set but has rain been renamed? I can't find it in the set. In any case, they're all awesome, thanks!
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Good point... I appear to have missed that..... So I have changed this page so that if you use the download button at the right of the page you will get a free ZIP file containing a Rain Brush.    I have added some more details at the bottom of the main text for this page.   Thank you for buying my brushes and for the positive feedback.
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Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!
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First to 888toto: THANK YOU for all the great brushes!!!

To tintype54: One thing that does NOT translate well into Photoshop is using MS5's Panels feature. They create their own version of Layer Masks and Photoshop "messes them up" somehow, so that the panels do not mask correctly. If you anticipate using Photoshop at some point in your workflow, just don't use Panels.  (I know tintype54 is not interested in comics, but just for anyone else reading.)
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i love your drawing art
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how do you download dodge and burn tool?
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The Dodge and burn tools  are included in my second brush collection for MS5  it is described at  and there you will also find a link to where you can download them.  It is a very large collection of specialist brushes and has more advanced bodge and burn tools that described on the page here ... the full collection costs $5.50  

If you do not want to pay a fee then let me tell you that almost any brush can be a type of dodge or burn tool   the key is to set your picked color to a mid colorless grey  and to set the brush blending mode to Color Burn or Color Dodge...  My dodge and burn tools however are already pre-set to the right color and mode and are designed give a gradual effect with a very soft edge, and they have an option to apply a skin texture when burning contour shaping to flat painted skin.
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Marvelous brushes! :love:
came across this set of brushes through a websearch for photoshop brushes...can they be used for photoshop? i love what you have created and would love to purchase them...or can i purchase them and convert them myself somehow?
888toto's avatar
If you check my deviant art pages you will find hundreds of Manga Studio brushes but none of them are for Photoshop.  Frankly only about of third of them would work as Photoshop brushes.  One of these days I may convert some of them but in the meantime I would encourage you to try out Manga Studio..  I  Don't do comics or Manga ... I just find that its the best Artist  program... The line quality when you use a tablet is superb ... and the things you can do with the brush engine are amazing.  If you don't do comics you don't need to buy the expensive version... the debut version ( which is amazingly cheap) will do normal art stuff and will run all my brushes.
thanks for your reply, i do photography work and was looking into integrating your brushes into PS.......if i knew manga studio would save in a file i could then upload to PS it would be worth it, your brushes are amazing, and if you were to ever create them for use in PS i think you would find a huge market.........
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In Manga Studio you can import and export Photoshop format files   PSD and PSB,  preserving the layers as you interchange between MS5 and PS.  Main limitation is that   Text layers  transfer as Raster layers  "pictures of text", but for the raster layers it works well it works well if you want to apply the MS5 features and brushes to an image then pass it back to PS; even most of the layer blending modes are preserved .  Obviously its also possible to interchange in numerous single layer formats like Tiff and JPG, TGA and PNG. You can also interchange images and selections via the clipboard.
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There are very good, bought the set, thanks. :)
logankomics's avatar
Hi, I just buy the set since i was interested in Bomb2 and Kirby Krakle but i can't find those in the set... Do you name them differently ? Thanks.

888toto's avatar
Yes, I have improved them and renamed them. The Kirble Krackle effect is now delivered with the DoWop brush and Bomb 2 has been replaced by Bomb 4.

e.g. bomb 4 now has more variation in the billows of smoke ( should be more realistic) and if you draw the line quickly the billow becomes stretched out ... What this does is that if you draw it more aggressively then the explosion itself looks more aggresive and dynamic.

The original Kirby Krackle brush used the same technique that others have used e.g. in Photoshop, of just a highly randomised set of Circles. I see that way of producing it often today and it is much more mechanical ( and boring) than the Kirby Original... so with the DoWop brush I tried a different way and tried to make it more authentic to the JK style... I would be interested if others agree so if I can work out your E-Mail , I will send you the original one for comparison
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Thanks a lot ! I'll try both but they all look very useful to me ! I'm very intersted by the comic book oriented brushes that actually can be a seamless part of my inking process and sure, Do Wop and Bomb 4 are that type of brushes !
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Hi, I have Manga Studio 5 and so I am downloading some of your brushes.  I noticed, though, when I downloaded and uploaded them into my MS tool palette that tuboid brush is missing.  Thought you'd like to know, maybe you just forgot to include it?  Thanks. 
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