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Manga Studio v4 Free Brushes

Manga Studio v4 brushes free Download. Manga Studio has a very powerful Custom Pattern Brush feature but, unlike photoshop, there are very few brushes available to download. Here are a few of my ones that you are welcome to download and use. S These are Version 4 brushes.

For manga Studio v5 these brushes and many many more have been further enhanced and included in my new Manga studio v5 brush collections that can be previewed here and here and can be downloaded from here ( collection1) and from here(collection 2)
Collection 1 contains 103 brushes plus a free set of useful automated Actions . Collection 2 contains 118 brushes,blenders and pencils and also comes with a free set of automated actions. The brushes in both sets are completely different.

Note the download file is the ZIP of the brushes. To enlarge the image of the examples just click on it.

The first Ten are single color brushes They can be used on any non-Vector layer

1 SQUIGGLEHASH – based upon a shading technique of the great Luis Bermejo Rojo… you can build up a great shading texture in a few seconds. Then select to paint with “transparency and cut into the shade …. Can also be used to color. It makes great smoke and fire too
2 FISHBONE- another novel form of hatching or shading with a curvy side and a spiky side. Also works well cutting transparency into black
3 KIRBY KRACKLE – Famous alien energy effect invented by Jack Kirby
4 FEATHER T and FEATHER CLOCKWISE give two curve direction for a very professional regular feathering pattern for rendering muscle and other curves. FIN FEATHER does it too but in a darker style that’s half David Finch and half H H Giger. You can rotate the feather shape for the orientation you need but I find it better/easier to rotate the page instead
5 GRASSY draws instant wavy fields of distant grass
6 BRISTLE and THREE SPLODGE give natural media effect , best used for painting colour. The effects is somewhere between Pastel crayon and oil painting
7 PENCIL – yes it looks like a soft pencil
8 DIRTHASH - lots of uses - add a random rough texture to anything or paint color that looks like crayon. Use it to paint transparency to blend away a sharp edge or to fade out a computone area
9 STARFLARE and GLOW - best drawn in white or transparency … dot stars and reflective highligts… Add a sparkle to teeth
10 FINCH – first (failed) attempt at a David Finch style feathering… but actually it makes great sand ripples or molten lava

The other 9 types are two color brushes … they paint black and white simultaneously. Use them on a 2 bit layer ( black + white + transparency) or a full colour layer. They can be used with either the black or the white selected ( either gives a different look). Remember if you then want to colour on an under-layer then the white from these brushes will prevent the color showing through… easy fix… just change the 2 bit layer to a one bit layer and the white all gets converted to transparent

11 GRASS 2 close in waving blades of grass. You can draw more and more on top and it just makes dense grass but does not become black and over-worked
12 BOMB 2 – build your own explosion by drawing a few short sharp strokes away from the centre of the bang ! keep going until you get the look you want
13 CLAW and FUR – two fun hairy texture brushes…. I particularly like drawing things with the CLAW brush – very unusual effect
14 CRASH GLASS – instantly draw masses of shattering glass.. add to explosions or paint on top of person jumping through a window. Gives life to action scenes
15 SEGMENT and MEGASNAKE and LOSENGE - instant snakes, worms or mechanical tendrils in fine detail
16 TUBOID detailed semented tubes to add to your SCiFi machinery
17 MILLER SPIKY TUBE a spiky worm texture that reminds me of the gothic work of Ian Miller
18 CHAINMAIL - makes great chainmail or strings of beeds or braided hair
19 BUSH LEAVES – works well ( and differently) with white or black selected. Make bushes or foliate trees in a flash

How to install:

1. Open Manga Studio. Under File -> Preferences, look for the “Folder Data” settings tab. (on a Mac, go to Manga Studio EX -> Preferences and look under “Folder Path”). Make a note of this location, and open it up in your file explorer.

2. Shut down Manga Studio.

3. Copy the "888totoBrushes" folder included in zip file to your
“(Folder Path)ToolCustombrushTool” folder.

4. Start up Manga Studio again.

5. Your new pattern brushes should now be visible within your Pattern Brush Tool dropdown list

I am happy for anyone to use these brushes without restriction But if you download them or find this useful I would greatly appreciate a comment or a Fav

If you want to share YOUR Manga studio brushes then here are some instructions ...

Cheers !
© 2011 - 2022 888toto
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These look amazing, can't wait to try them!
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These look like cool brushes but I have manga studio 4 EX and it doesnt seem to have a "ToolCustombrushTool" folder, i just have "BrushPattern" and "Customdata" folders but none of them seem to do anything when i put the folder in, or if i put the files in directly. Are these not compatible with EX or is there somewhere else they can be placed?
Thanks again!!!Beer before Liquor; will get you sicker 
AdvanceRun's avatar
I need a brush thats like a law marks in ribbon form.
t1mmypsp's avatar
they look nice but,how do i add them on my manga studio ex 5?
LadyBite's avatar
Thanks for this.... I just got Manga Studio 4 and I'm an absolute beginner.... do you know where the glow tool is?
JustSomeRandomKidLol's avatar
you change the layer setting to glow dodge or add (glow) :3
PristineLavender's avatar
I tried to do the instructions, but it doesn't seem to be working. Does it work whether you have a mac or Window comp?
rekkt's avatar
thank u sooooooo much for all the brushes!!!
Uty-Bacalaito's avatar
These brushes are awesome!! Thanks a lot!!
ScottForster01's avatar
Can you make these for MS5? 
888toto's avatar
These 20 brushes form part of a collection of over 100 MS5 brushes which you can see at  and then you can follow the link to if you want to download them   ( I make a small charge of about 5 bucks  on these huge collections).      There is also a second set , aimed more at color working, at  and a third set that has a range of differrent brushes and effects described at and and and  this huge range of things in set 3 is downloaded at  Each set also gives you a set of advanced Automated Actions   ( different ones come with each set).  While i do now make a small charge for the MS5 brushes , everyone has said that they are well worth it and  I have world renowned artists, and art studios who have come back and downloaded each set that I produced.  
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bro... i love you! these brushes! whoooo, a ton better than the stock brushes in manga studio, my new plan is to buy whatever you make so take that for what it's worth
888toto's avatar
Thank you ... very nice comment.  I'm still giving away these MS4 brushes but I do make a small charge for the MS5 Brushes.... for which I supply hundreds of brushes.....   so if you upgrade to MS5 then I hope you will try them out.  Manga Studio 5 is so much fun to use and the brush engine is amazing..  Thanks again !  
chunkcraft's avatar
888toto, thank you a lot! I didn't realize downloadable brushes were a thing, but yours look incredible! (I post art at, I made a post crediting you for the brushes I just downloaded. If you want me to do additional citation each time I use them, no problem! Also, shameless plug).
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Hi. Are these brushes compatible with v5?
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No they only work with version 4.    I converted  and enhanced them for version 5 and added them to a huge collection of MS5 brushes that I make available 
See them at
mickleo's avatar
Ah, okay. Thanks for answering. : )
Catshy's avatar
I downloaded and only obtained a read-me file saying that the brushes have been "withdrawn" and moved for v5. .-.
888toto's avatar
That's wierd... I have no idea how that has happened   I don't believe I substituted this... I have no intention of withdrawing the free MS4 brushes... give me a day to sort this out... the free brushes will be back.
Catshy's avatar
Okay, thank you
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