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Free Fonts to download for comic and manga lettering. Designed particularly for use with Manga Studio as explained at this page...[link]

but you can use them in other programs too ( Photoshop, Illustrator etc. )

Click the download button on this page does not download the picture but downloads the zip file containing the fonts ( 888TOTO is a comic font 888_MANGA is a manga font )

I'm no professional font designer ... but have tried hard to make these as quality fonts... so would appreciate constructive feedback .

© 2011 - 2022 888toto
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Am I allowed to modify the font? I noticed some glyphs don't look very good up close:

(The last one is an "@")

(These are from 888_MANGA)

Thanks for these! I will very likely be using these in my future comics!

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Thanx a lot 💗

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Thank you for releasing this!:la:

I'm currently using it for my comic here: HeavenBlade, v1 p1 by Gyrforce

Thanks again!
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looks awesome, i used it here if thats ok: Panel practice
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Looks great thank you. I hope it's alright to use for my comic :)
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thanks for your sharing, I've used it in my last drawing,,, ^^v
you can check it : Tiffa
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cool! thanks for sharing your art :D
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Dear 888toto, I used for our manhua, thank you very much.
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Hello. I may sound stupid an' all for asking this question, but is this font able to be used on a MAC? My old PC died on me a few months back and my bro gave me his old MAC since he's replacing it for a MACBook. I never worked with a MAC before so I wanted to ask that, just to be sure. 
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the apostrophe doesn't work
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I'm doing a small amateur webcomic as a hobby on the side, purely for fun. I'm hoping to use this font if it's alright with you :)
The apostrophes and quotations aren't visible, someone please help!
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That's the easy part, just open the TTF and hit install on the upper left, its been a few weeks so you probably figured out already huh?
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Yeah cx thanks though!
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Thanks, this's I'm looking for.
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I was just curious when I tried to type in comic sans and tried to compare it to mangas style.
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Thanks for sharing! ^^
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thank you for providing this. thank you
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I used this font for this:…
It was very helpful in getting everything to look right, thank you.
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Thank you to you and all those who have kindly posted links to where you have used my fonts...Its great to see them in use
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I used your font for my web comic in this contest, called It Rains Inside
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