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Advanced tricks with Manga studio 5 and Wacom tabl

Using Manga Studio 5 and a Wacom tablet... here are some ways to configure it for maximum effect.

Firstly I need to introduce you to the setting I use for my Express keys for the Wacom Tablet ---picture (2). I am right handed so my right hand holds the pen and I guess most people would st up the Wacom keys for the other hand similarly to me.. Shift ALT CTRL and CTRL Z ( Undo)
On the right hand keys I have SPACE TAB Toggle-Display and a special key for resetting MS5 colors back to their default Black and White.... more on that later.

Right click on your G pen in the sub tool palette... and select "modifier key settings..." ... you get the screen in picture (1) . Here you can set the brush to do anything or temporarily into a different tool just by pressing one or more of those left hand keys.
The ones that come by default are
ALT = Eyedrop tool
CTRL+ALT = Drag pen to change pen size
SHIFT = Straight Line
But look here... I have added
SHIFT + ALT = Magic Wand tool
The CLICK BUTTON on the pen (right click) = Fill
and meanwhile I also have
Erase on the back of the pen
Scroll zoom and rotate functions using the other WACOM keys

What this all means is that when working in Black and white I can select the G pen ... press right hand TAB key to hide all the pallets and have the entire screen to draw on without needing to go to pallets or keyboard. I can draw, adjust line width , Fill areas select, and transform areas ... and much more without needing any pallets or keyboard functions ... It just frees you to on paper.

B) There is no Black and White button in MS5 ... and it is annoying because its difficult to select pure black and pure white from the main color circle... and even if you use the Color Swatch pallet its still lots of clicks and pen movements to reset the colors .... You cannot even create n action to do it because the action does not record when you switch to your second color ( to set the white). Here is how I solved it.
picture (4) .... I recorded two simple action one to set the color to Black and one to set the color to white
Picture( 5) In MS5 Keyboard shortcut settings ( off the file menu) I set CTRL+F9 key to the Black action and ALT+F9 to the white action
Picture (3) in the wacom settings I can insert a string of letters to be invoked by the Wacom Key... so I set it to click the Black key then X then White key then X again ... note that X switches the current color between the main and the second color.

So now its done ... I can just press that key at any time and my colors are reset

Note that there are many function in MS5 that do not record into an action... so you may think of other ways to use this technique to build complex actions.

Tell me if you found this useful

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wont allow me to set the arrow keys for anything ?? :(
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I use Manga Studio 5 EX; I was wondering if there's a keyboard key for being able to draw straight horizontal & straight vertical lines? And also is there a keyboard key for drawing straight diagonal lines?
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Hold shift after making a mark with the pen.  It will draw a straight line directly between the last pen mark and the cursor location.

Also, while using the line subtool in the figure tool, you can hold Shift after starting a line to lock the line's angle to one of the cardinal directions.
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im having trouble trying to get ctrl alt to also change the size of my eraser
when i flip to the eraser side of my pen and try it it only changes the size of the tool that the pen tip side is using
the only way i can have ctrl alt change the size of the eraser while im using it is making the pen tip the eraser
Grobi-Grafik's avatar
Maybe You can help me? I'm using the trial-version of "Clip Studio Paint Pro" and want to set "CRTL" as new shortcut for the eyedropper, but it just don't work, CSP don't recognize the key. What do I wrong, is it because it's the trial-version?
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Yes, this is very useful and for anyone looking to have a faster, more efficient tablet :) Thank you
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I have good news for you, similar to Photoshop, where you can simply push "D" to get your default black and white as your foreground and background color.  Manga Studio 5 can do the same thing.  Go into the Shortcut Settings.  Choose Setting area: Option.  Under 'Drawing Color', scroll down to 'Switch main color to black and sub color to white'.  Now Edit the Shortcut and press whatever key you'd like.  I'm very glad they made this an option in Manga.  I use it all the time in Photoshop.
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Yes that's right... It was added after I made this page and I believe it was added in response to feedback that I gave them when I was Beta testing the earlier releases of MS5... I asked them to add  hotkeys both for setting black + white and also for switching the the foreground,.background colors.... and they have now delivered both of those.    Nevertheless MS5 still does not record hotkey operations in Actions... so the general technique here that shows how to use Wacom to combine Actions and hotkeys is still valid and useful.
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What's the best way to reduce canvas lag? Everwhere else on the interface works fine and fast, but when my tools are even on the smallest size it lags terribly on the canvas. I don't have that problem with any other drawing program.
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I don't think it is actually a Lag ( in the sense of the system being too slow)... I find you see it most when you  you zoom in and you move the pen at a middle to slowish speed .... if you zoom out and if you move the pen faster or very slow it pretty well goes away.  Working on a Cintiq this supposed lag actually has two parts ... a gap between the position of the pen and the position of the cursor and an equal gap between the position of the cursor and the leading edge of the drawn line.  But its not a lag that prevents you from working quickly  (i.e. its better when you work fast !!)  ... I think its an artifact of the way it computes and predicts the line ( which it needs to do in order to provide the stabilization feature which is one of the great things about drawing with MS5.   If your pen uses a high Stabalization value then this gap is more pronounced.. I usually use pens set to a stabilization level of 4... this is enough to eliminate shaky lines but it has very little of this lag effect. 
MoonSculpts's avatar
Oddly it was just my tablet driver. I had the wrong one installed, but never noticed an issue until Manga Studio. So I switched to a different version of the driver and now it works again. XD
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actually I think I found a black&white option: file/shortcut settings/(setting area)option/(category)drawing color/switch main color to black and sub color to white; you may assign it a hotkey as you desire. there's a lot of switching possibilities as well(between main color and sub color, for ex.).
thanks for your share!
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I just got Manga Studio and this was tremendously helpful! Thank you! :)
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Thank you this is very helpful.
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how do i find the color wheel if i hide it and have windows 8, which doenst have a menu? 
888toto's avatar
This is not the right place for general Manga Studio questions... but here goes...  You can probably get the menus up by pressing ALT.
 You can also set a hotkey using File>Shortcut Settings and assigning a key to Main Menu- Windows-"Color wheel".  Then you can pop up the wheel whenever you need it
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where is the lasso tool in manga studio 5 ex?
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lasso tool is in the selection tools ... on the tool palette click the icon below the the magic wand ( maybe for you its the rectangle selection tool).. then in the sub-tool palette you can select Lasso or the polyline etc.
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If I may presume to add a tip to your INCREDIBLY USEFUL diagram above:

If you are using a drawing tool with the color set to black (or any other color), pressing AND RELEASING the "C" key changes the tool to draw with Transparency. This can be a very useful (and often more accurate) alternative to erasing with the Eraser tool. Press and release "C" again, and you are back to using the drawing tool with whatever color you had before.

This can be even MORE effective when drawing on a Vector Layer.

You are a freakin' genius when it comes to tips for Manga Studio. THANK YOU for sharing all your wonderful knowledge!
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yaaay bro u jus cleared many problems i had
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I got a problem, I wanna assign the on button on the pen to be able to pan/scroll on Manga Studio 5, i manage to do it on photoshop, but not on MangaStudio.
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You can follow my instructions to set the Click to "hand"... but on a wacom tablet or Cintiq with expression keys and the control strip or wheel at the side (for your free hand)  then this is what I would recommend...
Set the strip to do Undo and Redo... and use it to easily scroll backwards and forwards through your history of changes.
Set the 4 expression keys to ALT, CTRL, SHIFT and SPACE  ( i.e. the Space Key)

Now to pan just hold down that space key and move the pen
to zoom in and out hold down both the space key and the ALT key ... move pen right to zoom in and left to zoom out
to rotate hold down both the space key and the Shift key and move the pen to drag the rotation around.

I find it a super efficient way to work
Belt-Buster's avatar
Oh, thanks for the tips!

! just assigned the space key everytime I use mangastudio to on the button on the side of the pen. but thanks!

nice commands, useful ^-^

Thank ye!
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I'm going to assume that button on your pen has been assigned to normally do "Right Click"  in your tablet settings... so in MS5 do this...

1 Select a pen... then go to the Modifier  key settings described here. 
2   scroll down to the setting for "right Click"
3  click the next field and select "Change Tool Temporarily"
4 click the settings button on that line and expand the item called "move" and in their you select "hand"
5  click ok to exit the Modifier keys  and from then on it should work.

If that does not work its probably because in your tablets settings ( outside of MS5) you have the button set something other than right click
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