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Naruto Folder Icons



I always have had loads of Naruto Stuff in my computer but I never had specific icons to suite the contents of Naruto Folders. I made these 20 Naruto Folder Icons cause I couldn't find a suitable icon.

The 20 Naruto Folder Icons have the following character icons:

Jiraiya: 01 Icon
Kabuto: 01 Icon
Naruto: 03 Icon
Sasuke: 02 Icon
Yamato: 01 Icon
Tsunade: 01 Icon
Sai: 01 Icon
Hinata: 01 Icon
Hatake Kakashi: 02 Icon (One Reflection & One Normal)
Sakura: 01 Icon
Guren: 01 Icon
Orochimaru: 02 Icon

The two Sasuke Folder Icons: In one Icon Sasuke is unleashing his cursed seal and in the other icon Sasuke is firing his Chidori. The Icon where Sasuke's firing a Chidori is made with a aqua blue glow so as to get the feel of Chidori.

Also, throughout the series the liked three eyes i.e., Orochimaru's Eye, Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan & Sasuke's Sharingan. So, I made three icons on those too.

Note: I have include .ico format for Windows Users and .png for other users. Do comment here and let me know if you like them. If you're downloading this package of 20 icons then please comment.

:+fav:'s are welcome...Enjoy!
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