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Microsoft Office Icon Suite

09 Custom Desktop / Dock Icons for your :+fav: Microsoft Office Documents. Available in .ico (256PX) & .png (512PX) formats.

Please :+fav: if you download this Icon Set.
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Thank you very much, "878952."  I'm a computer novice and feel as though I'm writing this message in a remake of Orwell's "1984," but wanted you to know how much I appreciate the fact you've been kind enough to share the fruits of your talents with the rest of the world by sharing your via the "Creative Commons" licensing option. I'm now disabled with Parkinson's & Bipolar Disorder (as well as several tumors in my spinal cord), and my "world" is slowly becoming more restrictive as my illnesses progress.  However, rarely a day goes by without a kind stranger like you who reminds me there are still plenty of people "out there" with good hearts and a genuine concern for others.

Take Care,

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Take Care Mark.
I would like to use your icon on my website, is that ok
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OK, as long as you link back to my profile, that's OK,
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Very nice, I only wish it had Visio too.
Hi, would it be possible to use your icons for commercial use? Would we have to pay you? Thanks Matt
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These icons cannot be used for commercial work. They are free for only personal use. Other icons in my gallery are also not allowed to be used for commercial work but is free to use for personal work.
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No Mac version? What a shame, as that is one sweet icon set!
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hmm...I can make a Mac (.icns format) but the problem is that mac version will be of 256PX rather than 512PX, which will be like providing a crappy version to the Mac Users that's why I have given 512PX PNG files to all Mac users so that they can make Mac Version for the icons themselves. Isn't that enough?
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Like always, your icons are awesome ^-^
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Geez, thanks m8! You're a true supporter.
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always a pleasure ^^
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