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DnD Class: The Stormhand by 87392v DnD Class: The Stormhand by 87392v
The Stormhand

A versatile and lethal opponent, the stormhand skirts the delicate line between a powerful warrior and a skillful adventurer. Commanding both the sword and an arcane prowess over electricity, stormhands present a serious threat. It also creates a weakness in water.

Stormhands see adventures as a chance to sharpen their skill both on and off the battlefield, and tend to set out to prove their mettle to both their mundane and arcane counterparts.

A stormhand’s combat expertise is fully integrated with their specialized electric arcane magic. Their skills make them adept in social encounters and sneaking about to deliver shocking blows. Finally, they can help stabilize dying allies.

There is no limitation to the ideals of a stormhand. Most of their endeavors are very introverted by nature, however. They most often find a moral code that works for them, then stick to it, either imposing it on others or cutting themselves off. What might seem like warped scruples to others makes perfect sense to him.

Stormhands fall in the extremes of total atheistic self-reliance and absolute zealotry for their deity. Deities include Wee Jas (death and magic), Kord (strength), St. Cuthbert (retribution), and Hextor (tyranny).

Stormhands are almost always very singular and lonesome persons. They are often either vagrants or underling sent about on another’s bidding.
The arcane powers of a stormhand are naturally occurring from pure force of will, or, on occasion, from divine providence or some incident with an unstable magical artifact during youth.

Almost exclusively, humans, gnomes, and half-elves compose the land’s stormhands because of their affinity to magic, curiosity and resilience, or combination thereof.

Other Classes:
While their abilities seem to flawlessly mesh with both fighting and magical classes, stormhands actually tend to be quite put-offish in their single-mindedness and dedication to either themselves or others. This puts them at odds with rogues and paladins alike because they lack the desire to integrate with others socially. They, however, work well with rogues and fighters alike for their similarity in fighting style.

Stormhands find themselves most useful in immediate application, such as limited social encounters and light or stealthy combat. They are secondary fighters and last chance healers. At higher levels they become powerful opportunistic fighters and may become the face of the party due to their necessarily high charisma.

Game Rule Information:

Strength helps the stormhand land his powerful strikes. Dexterity and Constitution provide extra defense. A high Intelligence gives more skill points. Charisma, Dexterity, and Wisdom are important for many of the stormhand’s skills.
Charisma determines how great the stormhand’s cover bonus against metal weapons is from the Electric Aura, how much damage is dealt by the Electric Aura, and how efficient the healing power of Defibrillate proves.
Alignment: Any
Hit Dice: d8
Class Skills:
Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Heal (Wis), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Open Lock (Dex), Ride (Dex), Search (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Tumble (Dex), and Use Rope (Dex).
Skill Points at 1st Level: (6 +Int modifier) ×4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level:
6 + Int modifier

Class Features:

All of the following are class features of the stormhand.

Weapons and Armor Proficiency:
Stormhands are proficient with all simple and martial weapons. They are proficient with light and medium armor and all shields (except for tower shield). However, the natural arcane electricity that stores up within their body prevents them from wearing metal armor or shields without shocking themselves. Thus, a stormhand can only wear wooden shields, padded, leather, studded leather, and hide armor safely.
While wearing largely metal armor, the stormhand takes damage equal to his Charisma modifier times his class level in the occurrence of any of the following: he deals damage with a weapon; he uses any of the stormhand’s special abilities; he takes damage from a metal weapon; he touches metal or another living creature (and the creature takes equal damage as well); or he uses the cover bonus of Electric Aura.
Because of his spell specialization, a Stormhand can use shocking hands and surge pulse without incurring arcane spell failure chance in light armor and halves it in medium armor.

Shocking Grasp (Sp):
Once per day per two levels, a stormhand can use shocking grasp as a sorcerer of his level except as follows.
A stormhand can channel his shocking grasp through a melee strike (unarmed or with a largely metal weapon) with a successful touch attack (whether the weapon deals damage as well is determined by the same attack roll also beating the target’s full AC as normal). Casting the spell and attacking with an electrified strike in the same turn is possible, but is a full-round attack. Otherwise, shocking grasp can be cast normally and will hold its charge until the shock knight or his weapon touches a target with an attack.

Shocking Blow (Sp):
At 1st level and higher, when the stormhand catches as opponent off-guard, he can take an extra moment to release an electric charge into them via a largely metal weapon or unarmed strike on a successful melee attack.
When the opponent is denied their Dex bonus to AC or is flanked by the stormhand, the stormhand’s melee attack deals extra damage to it when wielding any weapon with substantial metal parts. The damage is 1d6 electric damage at 1st level, plus 1d6 more for every four class levels. Damage from a shocking grasp used in conjunction with shocking blow as described above stacks with the shocking blow’s damage.
This damage stacks with a rogue’s sneak attack damage.

Electric Aura:
The Stormhand is enshrouded by an invisible aura of arcane electricity powered by his pure force of self. Any time he is conscious, he is protected against metal attacks. He gains a concealment bonus of 5% x his Charisma bonus (minimum 5%) against partially metal weapons, metal bolts, metal-tipped arrows, and the like. This does not affect fully wooden weapons, natural attacks, unarmed strikes, or stone weapons. The concealment bonus increases by 5% for every 5 class levels. For example, Grimsin, a sixth level stormhand with a Charisma of 17, has 20% cover against metal weapons. If an enemy successfully bypasses this cover bonus, they must then beat Grimsin's 14 AC to deal damage.
If a metal melee attack hits the stormhand, there is a 25% chance that the wielder must make a Reflex save (DC 17 + stormhand's Charisma modifier negates) or be electrocuted through the weapon, taking ½ stormhand’s Charisma modifier × class level electric damage (Fortitude save DC 14+1/2 shock knight’s Charisma modifier halves damage).
If the stormhand is mostly submerged in water, he takes his stormhand level × his CHA modifier in electric damage every round. The stormhand makes a Will Save DC 18 + his level to negate the damage on first contact with the water. He can make a Fortitude Save to half the damage (DC 14+1/2 Stormhand’s CHA modifier).
The stormhand can suppress his Electric Aura (therefore losing all benefits and disadvantages that it provides) as a swift action by making a Concentration check DC 14 + CHA modifier each round in combat and each minute out of combat. The DC for this increases by 2 for every consecutive round or minute, respectively, this is sustained.

Bonus Feats:
At second level and every four levels after, the stormhand gets bonus feats derived from the fighter’s list of bonus feats. He must still meet the prerequisites for these feats.

When the stormhand’s hands are empty, he can press them together, then pull them apart as a swift action, holding them close to each other and producing five arcs of electricity that are not dangerous but produce the illumination of a hooded torch for as long as he holds his hands in the described position. This works underwater.
Defibrillate: The stormhand can charge and release a jolt of electricity into an ally to resuscitate them as they lay dying. As a full-round action, a stormhand can attempt a heal check (DC 17 + ½ negative hit points rounded up) using his Charisma modifier as an additional bonus to it. If he succeeds, he releases a controlled jolt of electricity into his ally, healing ½ his Charisma modifier in negative points (maximum 0 HP).

Imbue (Su):
Beginning at fourth level, the stormhand can use one of his daily shocking grasp spells and charge one Small or smaller inanimate object with the spell. The next creature or construct besides the shock knight to touch the object takes the damage of the shocking grasp spell on contact, and the charge is lost.
Throwing the object is an improvised ranged touch attack.
The charge lasts for one hour per class level. After that, it no longer delivers shocking hands damage on contact, but the spell is still expended for the day.

Lighten Fall:
The stormhand electrifies the very air to slow his descent in a fatal fall. He may use two of his daily shocking hands (or surge pulse, once acquired) spells in order to cast the spell Feather Fall as a sorcerer of his level on one target. For every additional target, one more shocking hands or surge pulse spells must be sacrificed, and these targets must be within 30 feet of him. This is a free action.

Surge Pulse (Sp):
The stormhand may cast a ranged electrical spell once per day at eighth level and once more every third level thereafter. See Spell listing for details.

Greater Defibrillate: At tenth level, defibrillation is much easier. As Defibrillate above, except usable as a standard action instead of a full-round action.
In addition, if the wounded ally is dead (-10 HP) and has been so for only one round per two stormhand levels, he can attempt to revive the dead character with a Heal check (DC 35) adding his Charisma modifier to the roll. He can try this only once per round.

Mastery of Element (Su):
At 12th level and higher, the stormhand is so adept at casting his spells that he can cast both shocking hands and surge pulse without the verbal or somatic components. He can therefore ignore all arcane spell failure chance from armor and shields for these two spells.
He can also suppress his Electric Aura at will as a free action.

Electric Resistance (Su):
At 16th level and higher, the stormhand gains damage resistance 20 for electric damage. He can now wear metal armor for 1 round per stormhand level after it is equipped without ill effect.

Great Jolt (Su):
Once per week at 18th level and higher, the stormhand can double the electric damage of one electric attack he would do normally otherwise as a free action. This also encompasses the healing power of Defibrillate and Greater Defibrillate


Surge Pulse
Evocation [Electric]
Level: 2
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 15 ft.
Area: Cone-shaped burst
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes

A cone of electricity shoots from your fingertips. Any creature in the area of the burst takes 1d6 per 4 caster levels damage. If the target(s) is wearing metal armor, made out of metal, carrying a lot of metal, or the like, it takes -3 on its Reflex save.
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I may have to work this class into my campaign... it's very tempting P: I'm running a 3.5e campaign and most of my players are the kind of people who like to try to break the game, so I have to give them a lot of custom stuff to deal with xD
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