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D-COM Creature Sketchdump

Wow, compared to my usual updating rate, you guys must just be drowning in new art!

I've really been holding out on you all sketch wise (unless you know the other places I post them) so I thought it'd be easiest to just get them all together in one ginourmous file for your enjoyment!

Here we have a grand collage of some of the various D-COM creature concepts I'm working with. I did my best to put them oldest on top, newest on bottom, so you guys could see how the concepts progressed... but at one point I just started putting stuff where it fit best. And then threw in some pencil stuff at the bottom (I should do more of that, looks so smexy texturey).

It'd take way too much text and notes to explain everything... but for some quick notes:
-The Grackledog with the black face is called Baron, his handler is still in the making but is a captain named Jason.
-The horse-like things with the large ears are currently being called Whiptails.
-The lemur like things are currently being called spot lemurs until I come up with something better.
-Critter with the huge segmented tail near the top is called a Trechador, they're still in the making...

Keep an eye out for more of these in the future ;)

Art and concepts © Bethany Berg *86Caskin
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your creatures are awesome! ^_^