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Tango Toolbar for XnView Ver.2

This is an complete icon set for XnView. Version 2 of the toolbar is better then the first one. I used other skins for start. Tango rules!

The Main application icon is also available..somewhere on the deviant art.

Put this in XnView.ini file in [Browser] section to have blue Thumbnail folders :)

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Use it. Thanks!
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the blue thumbnail tip doesn't work in all the folders tree levels
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I think you need to optimize XnView cache file, or something
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thx ... i'll give a try!
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it seems not to work in XnView 1.97.8
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I am still using 1.95.4

It's possible to experience problems with newer versions. I will inspect this when I have time.
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thank you for reply, it would be very nice.
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i put foldercolor on xnview.ini, thumbnails works with bluecolor folder.
but only works in single partition, i mean bluefolder not show in drive D: / another drive...

would u give some help?
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How is that possible? You have yellow folders there? Try to clean the thumbnails cache from XnView options
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Which theme are you using for Windows?
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Windows Classic
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Seems like the latest version support 32bit icons for toolbars (alpha layer is supported) so I might update the toolbar too.
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hello again, i can see you are a tango fan too,
then this is the question?:
do you know any video player with a decent tango skin?. i tried sometime ago to make an VLC skin, but it's very difficult... i don't understand how to proceed. are you interested in make one? ... and what about kmplayer for skinning.

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I use SMplayer in full Tango. it is an upgraded theme I found somewhere. I will upload it here...In a March.
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ooohh!! it's great, waiting for!, meanhwhile i'll search that skin for smplayer (a port of mplayer afaik)

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the link is broken. there's only the preview xD
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Wow. They save on bandwidth? How does this work?... I uploaded again.
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now, it works ...thx
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